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With growing number of engineering colleges rolling out huge number of fresh engineers every year, getting job only on the basis of engineering qualification is becoming more and more difficult. This is also because of the ever increasing gap in the skill set expected by software industry against those imparted by colleges during the engineering course. Engineers are exected to develop their skills by consolidating fundamentals technologies as well as updating to latest technologies to meet the industry expectation and stand apart from others.

PG-DAC provides the best option to meet this requirement due to following advantages over other PG options:>

Comparison Parameter: PG - DAC Other PG Courses
Placement By C-DAC ?
Certification From C-DAC ?
Duration 6 Months 2 to 3 years!
Fees Less than Rs. 90,000/- More than Rs. 2,00,000/-
Educational Loan Facility IDBI Bank ?
Your career status on August 2016: Placed by C-DAC Start of 2 yr course. Will finish by 2018 ! !
At the end of 2 yrs you will be
  • Work Experience of 1.5 years
  • Salary earning of 1.5 years
  • Free from educational loan
  • Settled and experienced IT professional
  • Still a fresher!
  • No earning, spending for mess, accommodation etc
  • Liability of Educational loan
  • Still looking for placement
DAC Course Content:

C, C++ and Data Structures90
Operating Systems concepts and LINUX50
HTML 5, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Joomla, XML90
Software Engineering & Project Management40
Data Base (Oracle, MS Sql, MySQL)60
Core Java (J2SE)100 
Enterprise Java (J2EE)120
Microsoft .NET technolgies110
Upcoming Advanced Technologies20
Business Communication60
Aptitude Skill40
Project 120
Total 900

Admission Process:

   DAC Admission Process

About PG-DAC

  • C-DAC has set up the Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS) to meet the ever-increasing skilled manpower requirements of the IT industry as well as supplement its intellectual resource base for cutting edge research and development.
  • C-DAC's Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS) is dedicated to creating high quality manpower through the designing and delivering various Post Graduate Diploma courses and Post Graduate Degree Awarding Courses.
  • The Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Computing (PG-DAC) is the flagship program of ACTS. The course is targeted towards engineers and IT professionals.
  • The course aims to groom the students to enable them to work on current technology scenarios as well as prepare them to keep pace with the changing face of technology and the requirements of the growing IT industry.

Every DAC course is followed by CCPP. Its the biggest job platform provided in India, where hundreds of top slot IT companies come in seach of freshers suitable for these requirements. Due to the course design, prfoundness of knowledge and intensity of execution, DAC students are obviously the most preferred choice of recruiters. Note that, by the time other PG course finish, DAC students compelte a work ex of more than 1.5 years and free from education loans and other liabilities.

The DAC certificate is provided by C-DAC ACTS, the most respected organization in the field of computer R & D as well as education in India as well as all over the world. This provides global recognition for the skills and competence developed through DAC.

Whereas other alternatives like MBA, MCA, M-Tech, ME have a duration of more than 2 years, PG-DAC makes you eligible for placement just in a period of 6 months. This short duration enables C-DAC to update the course content after every 6 months to meet the industry expectation precisely.

Course structure and design:
The course starts from programming and computer fundamentals and further covering web technologies, Database technologies as well as latest technologies like .Net and Java that are needed by the recruiting companies the most.
Compared to other options, DAC focusses on understanding as well as application of technologies. The 6 month course is hence divided into 5 months training followed by 1 complete month of project.
C-DAC understands that along with technical skills, soft skills and aptitude skills are also considered the the recruting companies for hiring freshers. To meet this expecation, DAC course has 40 hours of Aptitude trainings as well as 60 hrs of Business communication trianing included in its program.
This ensure that the students are transformed from freshers to software professionals by the course end.

DAC fees are much lower as compared to the fees of other PG options. Even the course duration is just 6 months (as compared to 2 years for other options), which reduced the cost of living in student phase drastically.