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Established in 1999:

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Tree Bhagwat Gita
They speak of the imperishable 'ashwathha' as having its roots above and branches below. Its leaves are hymns of knowledge and one who knows this knows true knowledge.

Following Padmashree Dr. Vijay Bhatkar's vision of an institution that will prepare leaders committed to the task of nation-building, KNOW-IT was established in the year 1999. With experience of more than 14 years as an Authorized Training Center (ATC) of C-DAC ACTS, Know-IT is one of the most reputed and experienced centre's for the various training programs of C-DAC ACTS in India. Under the guidance of world-renowned luminaries, students at Know-IT explore both technological and the application aspects of knowledge that will prepare them to meet the needs of an increasingly complex society.

We have a very proud record of Know-IT Alumni, now working at very senior positions in IT industry in and outside India, or heading their own organizations in software development and Information Technologies.

Dr. Vijay Bhatkar – Founder & Chief Mentor, Know-IT

Dr. Vijay Bhatkar is one of the most acclaimed scientists and IT leaders of India. He is best known as the architect of India's first supercomputer and as the founder Executive Director of C-DAC, India's national initiative in supercomputing. He is credited with the creation of several national institutions, notably amongst them being C-DAC, ER&DC, IIITM-K, I2IT, ETH Research Lab, MKCL and India International Know-IT.

He has been a Member of Scientific Advisory Committee to Cabinet of Govt of India, Governing Council Member of CSIR, India and e-Governance Committee Chairman of Governments of Maharashtra and Goa. A Fellow of IEEE, ACM, CSI, INAE and leading scientific, engineering and professional societies of India, he has been honored with Padmashri and Maharashtra Bhushan awards. Other recognitions include Saint Dnyaneshwar World Peace Prize, LokmanyaTilak Award, HK Firodia and Dataquest Lifetime Achievement Awards, and many others.

He was a nominee for Petersburg Prize and is a Distinguished Alumni of IIT,Delhi. Dr Bhatkar has authored and edited 12 books and 80 research & technical papers. His current research interests include Exascale Supercomputing, AI, Brain-Mind-Consciousness, and Synthesis of Science & Spirituality. He is presently the Chancellor of India International Know-IT, Chairman of ETH Research Lab, Chief Mentor of I2IT, and National President of VijnanBharati.
  Dr. Vijay Bhatkar


Rare is to born as a human.

Rarer is to be endowed with good health and wellness.

If this becomes possible, still rarer is to get good education and obtain thinking ability.

If someone gets all these, then rarest is dedicating his entire life to the enquiry and experiments of synthesis of Science and spirituality.

When someone starts living such a selfless illumining life and understands the nature of ultimate reality then, not only the angels come to welcome him to the portals of heaven but the god himself takes him into his own arms and merges his self into his own self.

This is self realization!

This is enlightenment.

This is liberation.

Parampujya Guruvarya Kisan Sakhare Maharaj, Chief Mentor

Sakhare Maharaj

Venerable Sri Kisan Maharaj Sakhare, popularly known as Sri Sakhare Maharaj who is a renowned teacher, philosopher and commentator of Dnyaneshwari.

Nachiketas Bhatkar, C.E.O. Know-IT


Nachiketas is the C.E.O. of Know-IT, founded to advance the application of Information and Communication Technology in the areas of Education & Training Services.

Nachiketas is a Post Graduate in Automotive & Computer Engineering from Lawrence Technological University, Michigan, USA. He completed his graduation in the field of Computer Engineering from MIT Pune.

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