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Placement of DASDM

Students of C-DAC training programs have always been the first choice of IT and communication recruiters', when it comes to recruiting ready to deploy manpower for any of their turnkey projects. Many top IT companies regularly visit the CCPP for fulfilling their skiled manpower requirement. C-DAC has also recruited some of the bright minds from this center for their R&D projects.

The placement for DASDM is centralized. The placement cell of every center approaches different software companies, understands their technical needs and invites them for this ccpp.

We are proud to be one of the DASDM training centers with excellent placement record. This is evidant from the list of DASDM students of our center placed in different companies.

Placement News Recruiters
  • Rajat Jailkhani of Mar-2016 batch Placed in SteepGraph Systems
  • Jeurkar Yash of Mar-2016 batch Placed in Nextenture
  • Niket Mate of Mar-2016 batch Placed in Data Torrent Software India
  • More Gurudas of Mar-2016 batch Placed in Data Torrent Software India
  • Gawai Sumedh of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Tech Mahindra
  • Ramteke Vidya of Aug-2015 batch Placed Master Card
  • Harshit Borwankar of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Accenture
  • Todankar Girija Pradeep of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Vodafone
  • Walvekar Aishwarya Mahendra of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Tech Mahindra
  • Lokannavar Shrutika Vijay of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Quick heal
  • Sonu Kumar of Aug-2015 batch Placed in SQS
  • Borase Mayur Vilas of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Acuiti Consultant
  • Snehal Dattatray Satpute of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Tech Mahindra
  • Eesha Shrikant Ranade of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Zensoft
  • Shaikh Farahiftazin Mujahid of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Apconic
  • Agashe Manasi Vilas of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Alepo
  • Varun Shikha Gajendrasingh of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Ascent
  • Arpit Atmaram Humane of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Exusia
  • Avinash Kalambe of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Zensoft
  • Babasaheb Bansode of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Exusia
  • Bodade Vikas Duryodhan of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Zensoft
  • Gaikwad Sanjivani Sadashiv of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Fortune Infocomm
  • Ghodke Mahesh Suresh of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Credentek
  • Kadam Vishal Devrao of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Zensoft
  • Khandagale Sneha Shashikant of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Iauro
  • Lokhande Priyanka Kundalik of Aug-2015 batch Placed in V Rythsm
  • Nayan Rahul Dhabarde of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Prototech
  • Panzade Rahul Rameshwar of Aug-2015 batch Placed in log Tera
  • Pooja Dattatray Shinde of Aug-2015 batch Placed in V Rythsm
  • Shubham Dnyaneshwar Muneshwar of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Posit Source
  • Thombre Priyanka Milind of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Exusia
  • Treesha Pradeep Ukey of Aug-2015 batch Placed in Emtech
  • atos-origin
  • Barclays
  • ABB
  • BMC-Software
  • Capgemini
  • AMD
  • Cybage
  • EDS
  • Aloha
  • Fiserv
  • Godrej
  • Anzu
  • HCL
  • IBM
  • Bitwise
  • Infosys
  • John-Deere
  • Cdac
  • Nihilent-Technologies
  • Symphony
  • Syntel
  • Fin
  • Tech-Mahindra
  • Geometric
  • Vertex-Software
  • igate
  • Wipro
  • R systems
  • JD
  • Mindwarfe
  • Sena
  • SQS
  • V2
  • Triple Point
  • TechNex-technologies
  • Syng
  • Reflexis
  • optra

List of Placed Students

Sonal AgarwalAmdocs
Gawai SumedhTech Mahindra
Pooja RajputKPIT
Sonu KumarSQS
Harshit BorwankarAccenture
Todankar GirijaVodafone
Akash AwadTibco
Lokannavar ShrutikaQuick heal
Ramteke VidyaMaster Card
Shinde YogeshTibco
Shubham MuneshwarPosit Source
Snehal SatputeTech Mahindra
Ankit ShuklaKPIT
Alisha KhanAtos
Bharat BiradarKPIT
Aditya PurohitID4 Real
Anurag shendyeTom Tom
Chandan ShuklaEntrib Technologies
Priyanka ChaureEntrib
Neeshu RayAmdocs
Pulkit AwasthiShiksha Infotech
Adeeti DolasAreteans
Pratik MohadarkarGanart Technologies
Harsh BhatiaLinguaNext Technologies
Sampth ThavaCohezia Creative
Shahid ShaikhKantar GDS
Mrinmayee PanditAffinity Express
Agashe ManasiAlepo
Ankita SharmaNetParam
Borase MayurAcuiti Consultant
Eesha RanadeZensoft
Patil PrashantNetParam
Shaikh FarahiftazinApconic
Varun ShikhaAscent
Walvekar AishwaryaTechsignia
Ahire AkashAnanda Inspeero
Arpit HumaneExusia
Avinash KalambeZensoft
Awachar AbhijitFIS Global
Babasaheb BansodeExusia
Bodade VikasZensoft
Ghodke MaheshCredentek
Kadam VishalZensoft
Kamble AkashTechsignia
Khandagale SnehaIauro
Kirtiwardhan TandaleTechsignia
Lokhande PriyankaV Rythsm
Nayan DhabardePrototech
Panzade Rahullog Tera
Pooja ShindeV Rythsm
Thombre PriyankaExusia
Treesha UkeyEmtech
Waghmare AvinashVidushi Infotech
Companies visited DASDM Campus

           Master Card
           Tech Mahindra
           Quick heal
           FIS Global
           V Rythsm
           log Tera
           Posit Source
           ID4 Real
           Tom Tom
           Entrib Technologies
           Shiksha Infotech
           Ganart Technologies
           LinguaNext Technologies
           Cohezia Creative
           Kantar GDS
           Affinity Express
           Acuiti Consultant
           Vidushi Infotech
           All is Well Software
           Silveglob Software
           Shimbi Computing Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
           E C S Technologies
           Ascent Infomillion
           E Techno Lab
           F5 Technosolutions
           Asan System
           LeoMetric Technology
           Neeti Solutions
           Anthill Systems
           Vayuva Technology
           Simplicity Investing
Placement Head

Vaibhav Inamdar Mr. Vaibhav Inamdar
Head - Placement

Placement Cell is coordinated by Mr. Vaibhav Inamdar with an Educational Institutions experience of eight years. Placement Cell provides window of opportunities to the students over a wide variety of career’s in a broad spectrum of Industries/Organizations in India.

Placement Department has an important role to play in student’s future as it serves as an indispensable pillar of the Institute. This department continuously strives to help students in pursuing their career goals by acquiring employment-seeking skills and ultimately to attain desired employment. This is accomplished through building a strong partnership amongst students and industries.

Our placement team understands the technical and behavioral expectations of recruiting companies clearly and focus our technology as well as soft-skills training programs precisely to meet these expectations. This approach has always been very well appreciated by our recruiters, which gets reflected in our impressive placement figures

Industry Internship details
Kadam Mayureshwar Zensoft
Shaikh Farahifzin Zensoft
Vikas Borade Zensoft
Snehal Gawande All is Well Software
Ghatage Madhuri All is Well Software
Ghodke Mahesh All is Well Software
Gulig Shubhangi All is Well Software
Snehal Jadhav All is Well Software
Jangade Sanchita All is Well Software
Vishwashanti Jogdand All is Well Software
Kadam Monica All is Well Software
Kadam Ratnesh All is Well Software
Kadam Tejal All is Well Software
Pallavi Kakde All is Well Software
Rupesh Kamble All is Well Software
Khaire Neha All is Well Software
Awachar Abhijit All is Well Software
Shrutika Lokannawar All is Well Software
Pallavi Wankhede All is Well Software
Noopur Bisen Silveglob Software
Rushikesh Dafal Silveglob Software
Sonal Sable Silveglob Software
Vrushali Shingte Silveglob Software
Aishwarya Walvekar Extenprise
Sumit Ranpise Extenprise
Mansi Agashe Shimbi Computing
Divya Sree D. Shimbi Computing
Harshit Borwankar Shimbi Computing
Wadekar Shruti Shimbi Computing
Priyanka Mahale Shimbi Computing
Eesha Ranade E C S Technologies
Karishma Pareek E C S Technologies
Sonal Pokale E C S Technologies
Dnyaneshwar Walzade E C S Technologies
Snehal Satpute E C S Technologies
Shikha Varun Ascent Infomillion
Ruchita Lava Gatitaa
kendre Shubhangi Gatitaa
Kumbhar Mrunali Gatitaa
Sayali Kakulte Gatitaa
Sonawane Anuradha Gatitaa
Bhawana Salunke Gatitaa
Rohit Kakani Gatitaa
Pallavi Kanchalwar Gatitaa
Omkar Bhutkar Extensible Software
Borase Mayur Extensible Software
Panzade Rahul Extensible Software
Bhosale Pooja MayosPaz
Durge prapti MayosPaz
Kadam Vishal MayosPaz
kirtniwardhan tandale MayosPaz
Avinash Kalambe MayosPaz
Pratik Dhave MayosPaz
Anikita sharma E Techno Lab
Barve Sunil E Techno Lab
Asmita Kadam E Techno Lab
Kharade Avinash E Techno Lab
Swati Kulkarni E Techno Lab
Milan Kamble E Techno Lab
Terdalkar Mandar E Techno Lab
Nayan Dhabarde F5 Technosolutions
Mudra Kalgapure F5 Technosolutions
More Sarita F5 Technosolutions
Seema Nikam F5 Technosolutions
pratiksha Dhone F5 Technosolutions
Dani Manik F5 Technosolutions
Kamble Smita F5 Technosolutions
Kate Anul F5 Technosolutions
Adsule Dipali F5 Technosolutions
Anuja Fitwe F5 Technosolutions
Vidya Ramteke Asan System
Palave Rupali LeoMetric Technology
Snehal Gongle Way Zone Tech
Shegokar Parag VertechZ
Mashere Smita VertechZ
sachin Malosare VertechZ
Rawal Abhishek VertechZ
Kamble Akash VertechZ
Neha Deshmukh VertechZ
Jathar Rasika Technicia Software
Jathar Sayali Technicia Software
Arpit Humane Intouch sol.
Patil Asawari Intouch sol.
Todankar Girija Intouch sol.
Patil Snehal Vayuva Technology
Snehal Bhojane Vayuva Technology
Madhuri Choutmahal Vayuva Technology
Akash More Everyday IT Solutions
Patil Prashant Everyday IT Solutions
Padale Swapnil Everyday IT Solutions
Choraghe Sonali Neeti Solutions
Prateek Verma Neeti Solutions
Abhishek Sarawade Neeti Solutions
Babasaheb Bansode Neeti Solutions
Bhosale Madhavi Neeti Solutions
Neha Borhade Neeti Solutions
Kalyani Randive Neeti Solutions
Kiran Kamble Neeti Solutions
Prerna Sable Neeti Solutions
Treesha Ukey Neeti Solutions
Advay Umare Neeti Solutions
Avinash Waghamare Neeti Solutions
Kamble Pranoti Posit Source
Ashwini Nikumbhe Posit Source
Shubham Muneshwar Posit Source
Sonu Kumar Anthill Systems
Tekule Sandip Anthill Systems
Chavan Amit Anthill Systems
Khandagale Sneha I Auro
Sudarshan Shinde Sigmasoft solutions
Priyanka Kamble incraft tech. 
Pooja Shinde V Rythsm
Priyanka Lokhande V Rythsm
Rinku Gajbhije Omv sab It Solution
Priyanka Thombre Xpertix IT
Prasmit Waghmare Xpertix IT
Gokhale Gaurav Bitcode
Shraddha Sathe Bitcode
Patil Amol Plus91 Technology
Manisha Bansode I Cansoft
Chavan Swapnali I Cansoft
Gaikwad Girish I Cansoft
Megha Mashakhetri I Cansoft
Priyanka Pawar I Cansoft
Kamble Sayali I Cansoft
Monika Sonawane Cura Services
Dhumane Nikhil Evolvus System
Pavan Kolwale Evolvus System
Suresh Sakhare Evolvus System
Shantanu Limaye Evolvus System
Sunraj Uttekar Evolvus System
Kamble Amit Evolvus System
Rahul Belokar Evolvus System
Ahire Akash Evolvus System
Priyadarshini Wankhede Bitcode
Ashwini Nagdive Bitcode
Dipalee Suryawanshi Bitcode
Richa Dube Bitcode
Priyanka Suryawanshi Bitcode
Shaikh Ajeem Simplicity Investing
Awale Ashish Simplicity Investing
Gaikwad Sanjivani Simplicity Investing
Shrutika More Simplicity Investing
Priya Shinde Simplicity Investing
Snehal Khobragade Simplicity Investing
Mohite Sushant LogiTrek Systems
Shrikant Mutyamwar Shivann Solutions
Siddharth Manvatkar Shivann Solutions
Shinde Yogesh Shivann Solutions
Salave Sanghapal Shivann Solutions
Akash Awad File Solutions
Sumedh Gawai File Solutions
Swapnil Wankhede File Solutions
Jadhav Mithila File Solutions
Vaishali Haldekar File Solutions
Mahesh Alte File Solutions

Important: Please note that information displayed on website is based on verbal communication from the campus, which in any case should not be considered as the official statement of Know-IT. You are requested to contact our placement team for further details.