Know IT
Student Speak

  • "What I most like about Know-It" is,the close student-staff and student-student relationship". It has great staff which supported and encouraged me in my every step of the way. The faculties are helpful and their doors are always open for students .I rank "Know-IT" as one of the best CDAC in India due to its high academic standards, excellent professors and supportive Administrative staff.
  • Rohit Tiwari - PRN: 120843020032 (Placed in IBM )
  • One of the most talented instructors that I am ever trained with. They just dont train well but also encourage us to interact more during lectures as well as labs.
  • Sanchit Jain - PRN: 120843020034 (Placed in Fiserv )
  • I have become more confident and learn to face challenges with creative approach and turn them into opportunities. Joining Know-IT was very helpful for me to shape my career.
  • Vishwasrao Pankaj Anil - PRN: 120843020024 (Placed in Excellent minds )
  • Know-IT has its own in-house team of excellent trainers who are always with you throughout the day. I am quite impressed with the training methodologies. The trainers here always say, “if you understand clearly, you don’t have to remember. You can express the concept clearly in your own words during any interview or meeting in future”. I have realized this personally.
  • Prateek Mulay - PRN: 120843020028 (Placed in Aurion Sena )
  • During the 6 months of training with Know-IT, I have gained sound and clear understanding of Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Database technologies, Operating System, Java and J2EE. Now I am totally confident about making a career as software professional. Thanks Know-IT for your excellent approach of training.
  • M Balagangadhar - PRN: 120843020021 (Placed in AMD)
  • "Know-IT", the word itself says everything. The day I had joined, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. Enrolling in "Know-IT" is a valuable investment for me. In addition to broadening my perspective on IT technology, it has helped me to grow both professionally and personally. I had a great experience studying in "Know-IT'.I will never forget the time which I spent in "Know–IT" in my entire life. Now, I can proudly say that I know "IT".
  • Sayali Bhatambrekar - PRN: 120843020035 (Placed in V2 Solutions )
  • It's a great pleasure to mention that the Know-IT's air conditioned labs with high end i-5 desktops and all the latest hardware and software computing facilities provides us a most conducive study environment. Apart from the regular MSEB power supply, the labs are also equipped with inverter to ensure constant power.
  • Paresh Mutha - PRN: 120843020025 (Placed in Inndecomm)
  • Dedication of Institute towards their students, faculties are extremely good. Another good point is the outside environment, very natural. There is a lot of natural beauty which can be seen from our Institute's terrace, like from sunrise to sunset, from clouds to fog. By feeling all this, the stress go down. As I am a hosteler the facilities provided to us are very good. Faculties are always behaving like a father and mother, so even if we all are away from our home we feel very much at home and safe. So there is a good feeling of study with good environment.
    Arushi Saxena - PRN: 120843020008 (Placed in Aurionpro Solutions Ltd)
  • It's an immense pleasure to mention that the programming oriented courses like C, C++, Java, .net etc. have been highly qualitative, practically oriented and useful from the point of view of students' placement. The aptitude and business communication lectures helped us effectively in interviews and also in real life.
  • Hemant Thakare - PRN: 120843020014 (Placed in R Systems)
  • Coming to "Know-IT" CDAC is a beginning of stream of opportunities. What I like most about "Know-IT' is the support provided by teaching as well as non-teaching staff. Professors are ready to put all their efforts to support students academically and helpthem to achieve their goals.
  • Rajan Raj - PRN: 120843020031 (Placed in SENA Technologies)
  • The DAC course at "Know-IT", Pune effectively integrate real world learning with the academic in the field of software engineering. From my point of view this is one of the best institutes to do the DAC course which has bright future to improve individual's carrier and give the right direction to our life.
  • Meenal Madhukar Anwikar - PRN: 120843020054 (Placed in CC Tech)
  • The teachers hereare like my philosophers and guides in all aspects like teaching, concept and doubt solving, guidance and support. They are always ready to help students in any way. Truly, "Know-IT" is entirely student-oriented.
  • Harshwardhan Nandkishor Patil - PRN: 120843020013 (Placed in TechMahindra)

  • "Know-IT" is a one stop shop for insightful courses, knowledgeable professors who give their best to make future leaders of Information Technology. At "Know-IT", I have learned that when you are surrounded by good professors, friendly environment and with excellent study material, great success is sure to follow. "Know-IT" provides a well-balanced, highly informative and excellent learning experience.
  • Aniruddha N. Pol - PRN: 120843020026 (Placed in Aloha Technologies)
  • It feels great to realize my goals because of "Know-IT".My knowledge as well as my technical skill, getsincreased because of "Know-IT"
    Success of CDAC "know-IT" means to achieve all dream goals.
  • Teneeprasad Namdeo Raut - PRN: 120843020059 (Placed in IMS Software Systems)
  • From the very first day of training I never feel that I don't have IT background and I cannot survive in IT industry. But the way in which the training team is proving training to me, now I must say that "I can stand in any IT industry, very confidently. Thanks to "Know-IT and entire team.
  • Apurv Pandey - PRN: 120843020007 (Placed in HCL)
  • As the name suggest Knowledge IT is one of the best temple or we can say an institute for gaining technical knowledge.
    It is a corridor between a student and industry. It treats its student as professionals which helps student to have mind set of a professional before entering into corporate world.
    It provides healthy environment for working with brilliant technical faculties available in the institute.
  • Pooja Agrawal - PRN: 120843020027 (Placed in Sigma Software Solutions Pvt LTd)
  • Here, the staff creates such an environment that student definitely gives his 100% performance. Students can improve their drawbacks with a filled satisfaction.
  • Rahul Kishor Thandani - PRN: 120843020030 (Placed in SQS India)
  • I am especially pleased with the professionalism and knowledge given by the teaching staff. If I have to rate the CDAC "Know-IT", then I will rate it as 11 out of 10.
  • Atish Ramchandra Bunde - PRN: 120843020049 (Placed in C-DAC R & D)
  • I am a very ordinary student like many others. I want to become a perfect IT technologist and "Know—IT" is helping me to make my dreams come true. "Know-IT" is not just a CDAC training center which provides good education but also provides the environment which follows in IT industries. All trainers are like a true source of knowledge for us. And they are proving all the right ways to make our dreams into reality as well as excellent academic curriculum, encouragement and inspiration to succeed.
  • Hemkrushna Nandgawe - PRN: 120843020050 (Placed in ALLISWELL Software India Pvt)
  • "Know-IT" has helped me to develop a new insight into every facet of my carrier.
    The quality of education makes me confident and put my ideas better in front of people.
  • Kalindi Patil - PRN: 120843020017 (Placed in Shree Software Services)
  • "Know-IT"; the name suits perfectly to our training center. It provides the best IT training that we need. Campus, Infrastructure, learning atmosphere is perfect for every student. The training improved my personality and generated a self confidence in me. Regular exam and business communication are conducted for better improvement of knowledge and skills in student life.
  • Snehal Umalkar - PRN: 120843020041 (Placed in Bitwise Solutions Pvt Ltd)
  • "Knowledge Divine as the name says it is a divine paradise of an educational institution with every minute detail given a thought. I had a great experience studying in Know-It. All our trainers are a true source of knowledge for us. The quality of education given at this center gave us a new dimension in pursuing our career. Every day spent here was an amazing experience which will help me move forward with pride in every walk of my life."
  • Swapnil N Bhoyar - PRN: 120843020046 (Placed in IDeaS Revenue Solutions)
  • "Know-IT is not just a C-DAC training center providing education to get a good job but it is a temple providing knowledge to its students which will be helpful in their entire career life. I am very thankful to each and every staff member of Know-it for being very supportive and helpful throughout out the course. I will never forget the six months which I spent in know-it in my entire life which has helped me to become a successful IT engineer. I wish all the KNOW-ITians a great future ahead."
  • Shahane Sneha Sanjay - PRN: 120843020040 (Placed in SQS India)
  • "Every Student Dreams of it…..
    I am a very ordinary person like many others. I have hopes, fears and off course dreams. Dreams that made me feel extra ordinary as I have always prayed and hoped that I had become that person. The extra ordinary person of my dream, and at C-DAC I became that person. Dreams are easy to octal, only if you pump them with hard work, sincerity and well. To reach the top, "C-DAC Know IT" provided me with the right formula to make my dream reality, the excellent academic curriculum, the gaudiness, the encouragement and off course the inspiration to succeed.
    I am sharing this with all students as I m having 3 years of experience in Software Industry but was very new to languages. Here I was efficiently trained and made confident to adapt all these technologies. Thanks C-DAC for shaping my career and giving me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams. Success at "C-DAC Know IT" means you achieve all your dreams.
    Thank you.
  • Chetana Shreeram Hande - PRN: 120843020011 (Placed in Diaspark Technologies)
  • "My sincere thanks to Know It institutions for their efforts to give the industrial face to the education. It is really a nonparallel place to gain knowledge under the most experienced trainers if Know-IT. Unrivaled place for those who wants to start a career in IT Sector .The trainers as well as the lab faculties in Know have a very pragmatic attitude towards instructing the students."
  • Shubhangi Dnyaneshwar Patil - PRN: 120843020039 (Placed in FIN IQ)
  • "I enrolled at Know IT with a specific goal. The goal was to complete my six-month course of diploma in advanced Computing and obtain some position in an MNC. I graduated in June 2011 and on Feb 2012 I joined DAC in Know IT. It feels great to have realized my goal. There was never a time that I feel stuck in a set routine, so my learning process was both interesting and challenging – and for that I thank Know IT. I would never have been technically sound and confident about any concepts without the training I received here. The overall environment and Infrastructure provided by Know-IT helped me to get a good learning experience. And lastly, the training staff of Know IT is very experienced, helpful, friendly and fabulous."
  • Akshay Vinod Kanzarkar - PRN: 120843020001 (Placed in Enternia Software Solution)
  • "KNOW-IT has provided me with an excellent training which is tailored to the current needs of IT organization. Their training is specific and relevant to the particular needs of IT organization. Trainers at KNOW-IT facilitate each and every attendee to interact and explore knowledge, to develop skills and to utilize it while performing their individual roles.
  • Ankit Mishra - PRN: 120843020006 (Placed in Dominion technology)