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    Shrinivas Jadhav  |  Agashe Manasi (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Alepo   |   Harshit Borwankar (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Accenture   |   Ramteke Vidya (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed Master Card   |   Todankar Girija (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Vodafone   |   Lokannavar Shrutika (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Quick heal   |   Snehal Satpute (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Tech Mahindra   |   Walvekar Aishwarya (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Tech Mahindra   |   Sonu Kumar (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in SQS   |   Borase Mayur (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Acuiti Consultant   |   Eesha Ranade (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Zensoft   |   Shaikh Farahiftazin (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Apconic   |   Varun Shikha (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Ascent   |   Arpit Humane (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Exusia   |   Avinash Kalambe (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Zensoft   |   Babasaheb Bansode (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Exusia   |   Bodade Vikas (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Zensoft   |   Gaikwad Sanjivani (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Fortune Infocomm   |   Gawai Sumedh (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Tech Mahindra   |   Ghodke Mahesh (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Credentek   |   Kadam Vishal (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Zensoft   |   Khandagale Sneha (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Iauro   |   Lokhande Priyanka (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in V Rythsm   |   Nayan Dhabarde (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Prototech   |   Panzade Rahul (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in log Tera   |   Pooja Shinde (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in V Rythsm   |   Shubham Muneshwar (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Posit Source   |   Thombre Priyanka (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Exusia   |   Treesha Ukey (DASDM-Aug-15 batch) placed in Emtech   |  
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Dr. Vijay Bhatkar - Founder & Chief Mentor, Know-IT
Dr. Vijay Bhatkar Dr. Vijay Bhatkar is one of the most acclaimed scientists and IT leaders of India. He is best known as the architect of India's first supercomputer and as the founder Executive Director of C-DAC. He is credited with the creation of several national institutions, notably amongst them being C-DAC, ETH Research Lab and MKCL. He has been a Member of Scientific Advisory Committee to Cabinet of Govt of India and e-Governance Committee Chairman of Governments of Maharashtra and Goa.
At present he is serving as the Chairman of IIT-Delhi and National President of Vijnan Bharati, a national movement in the field of Science & Technology
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Placement Record
News & Events
  • Internship process for Aug-16 DASDM batch starting from 18-Jan 2016. Excellent response from industry...
  • 25 students of Aug-2016 PG-DAC batch placed in the first 20 days of campus placement in top IT companies.
  • KNOW-IT: A center with 94% Student Satisfaction Index.
  • DASDM Mar-2017 batch starting from 1-March. Excellent record of placement for the last batch
Benefit of location
About J.M. Road location

J.M. Road is the most happening area of Pune. With large number of colleges in the vicinity, it is very well populated with plenty of hostels and mess for students. Being in the heart of Pune, it is very well connected by various modes of transportations like corporation bus and autos etc. J.M. Road may be thought of as a showcase of Pune's economic progress with a large number of international consumer brands and food outlets like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and KFC having their outlets and showrooms on this road.

Training Methodology
Knowledge is the biggest value we add to our students.

Following are the highlights of our training methodology :

  1. Greater the freedom, better the results
  2. Primary focus on conceptual understanding of subject
  3. Our own course material designed specifically for DAC course
  4. Special attention to development of soft-skill and business communication skills
  5. Preparing for Campus placement through mentoring and mock interviews from IT industry stalwarts