About Common Campus Placement Program (CCPP)

C-DAC students have always been the first choice of IT and communication recruiters', when it comes to recruiting ready to deploy manpower for any of their turnkey projects. Many top IT companies have shown faith in C-DAC trained resources by recruiting C-DAC students through this CCPP. C-DAC has also recruited some of the bright minds from this center for their R&D projects.

We are proud to be one of the C-DAC ATCs with excellent placement record. Many leading IT Companies have visited our campus in the past and the list is still growing. Our placement team is dedicated to identify the expectations of recruiters precisely. Apart from sound technical knowledge, we focus on other aspects like Aptitude techniques, Communication skills as well as interview techniques which are crucial for placement of our students.

Placement Cell

Placement Cell is coordinated by Mr. Vaibhav Inamdar with an Educational Institutions experience of eight years. Placement Cell provides window of opportunities to the students over a wide variety of career’s in a broad spectrum of Industries/Organizations in India.
Placement Department has an important role to play in student’s future as it serves as an indispensable pillar of the Institute. This department continuously strives to help students in pursuing their career goals by acquiring employment-seeking skills and ultimately to attain desired employment. This is accomplished through building a strong partnership amongst students and industries.
Our placement team understands the technical and behavioral expectations of recruiting companies clearly and focus our technology as well as soft-skills training programs precisely to meet these expectations. This approach has always been very well appreciated by our recruiters, which gets reflected in our impressive placement figures

List of students placed from Feb-2019 batch

Name Company COURSE
Abhaivir Singh Infonyx PG-DBDA
Abhay Chidrawar Sapiens Technologies PG-DAC
Abhijit Gapat Just Dial PG-DAC
Abhiruchi Thombare Cybage Software PG-DAC
Ajinkya Potdar Saama Technologies PG-DBDA
Akash Pawar NSE India PG-DAC
Akshay Bodke EPIC Technology Research PG-DBDA
Akshay Gaikwad Saama Technologies PG-DAC
Akshay Raut Reflexis Systems PG-DAC
Amit Satpute Mahindra & Mahindra ( IT Division) PG-DAC
Amol Shirsath Innoplexus PG-DBDA
Anjana Chiwade PharmaACE PG-DAC
Anushree Kawley Yash Technologies PG-DAC
Ashish Kadbe Motifworks India PG-DBDA
Ashish Kurambhatti Cybage Software PG-DAC
Ashish Patil Springer Nature PG-DAC
Ashwini Jadhav Nihilent PG-DAC
Aukshan Joshi Cachebox Primaryio India PG-DAC
Bhushan Pawar Innoplexus PG-DAC
Bipin Doiphode Mobikon Tech PG-DAC
Chitra Wavhal Cybage Software PG-DBDA
Darshana Nigade Posit Source Technologies PG-DAC
Daya Patil Cybage Software PG-DAC
Deepak Jain Cybage Software PG-DBDA
Gaurav Bhite Scriptuit Technologies PG-DBDA
Gayatri Harsulkar Cybage Software PG-DAC
Govardhan Kanki AicenceIT Solutions PG-DBDA
Harshada Godase Yash Technologies PG-DAC
Jagruti Chavan Springer Nature PG-DAC
Janhavi Kulkarni Motifworks India PG-DBDA
Jyoti Mohite Mahindra & Mahindra ( IT Division) PG-DAC
Komal More Posit Source Technologies PG-DAC
Madhurima Kulkarni Springer Nature PG-DAC
Mayank Murdio Saama Technologies PG-DBDA
Mayur Gaikwad Indexnine Technologies PG-DAC
Mrunal Mandlik Retail Solutions India PG-DBDA
Mrunmayi Dharmadhikari Mobiquity Softech PG-DAC
Neeraj Khadilkar CDAC Mumbai PG-DBDA
Neha Nhayade Cybage Software PG-DAC
Omkar Chitnis Cdac - Egov PG-DAC
Omkar Pisal Enzigma Software PG-DAC
Pankaj Shimpi Pharmarack Technology PG-DAC
Parmeshwar Wagh Naaptol Online PG-DAC
Pooja Butla Springer Nature PG-DAC
Pradnya Raut Cybage Software PG-DAC
Prajakta Sune Nihilent PG-DAC
Pranali Akant Hyudai Mobis PG-DBDA
Pranav Pise Saama Technologies PG-DBDA
Prashant Patil Ebixcash Technologies PG-DAC
Prathamesh Shewale Saama Technologies PG-DBDA
Pratiksha Babarpatil Nihilent PG-DAC
Pratiksha Malokar Nse India PG-DAC
Priyanka Jagtap Nihilent PG-DAC
Priyanka Vaskar Manhattan Associates India PG-DAC
Rahul Jaiswal Saama Technologies PG-DBDA
Ramandeep Dhir AllScripts India PG-DAC
Renuka Palsodkar Manhattan Associates India PG-DAC
Rinku Chavan Happiest Minds PG-DAC
Ritivij Akkawar Saama Technologies PG-DAC
Rohit Kumar Reddy Cybage Software PG-DAC
Rohit Patil Dassault Systemes PG-DAC
Rutuja Bodade Bentley Systems PG-DAC
Rutuja Mane Quick Heal PG-DAC
Sachin Ingale Innoplexus PG-DAC
Sachin Lade Hoonar Tekwurks PG-DAC
Sagar Dandgaval Credit Suisse PG-DAC
Samay Nandeshwar Saama Technologies PG-DBDA
Sanket Sawang Alphanso Global PG-DBDA
Santosh Patil Retail Solutions India PG-DAC
Saurabh Jagtap Interview Mocha PG-DBDA
Sayali Jadhav Cybage Software PG-DAC
Shailesh Khune Saama Technologies PG-DAC
Shilpi Gupta AllScripts India PG-DAC
Shrinath Hattekar Jeavio PG-DAC
Shubham Khedkar Xento Systems PG-DAC
Shubham Pawar REI Systems India PG-DAC
Sneha Gaikwad Manhattan Associates India PG-DAC
Snehal Kale Cybage Software PG-DAC
Snehal Suryavanshi Nuance India PG-DAC
Sonal Bhorkar Mahindra & Mahindra ( IT Division) PG-DAC
Soutick Mallick Fendahl Technology PG-DAC
Sushant Mathpati First Insight PG-DAC
Swaleha Sayyad Dassault Systemes PG-DAC
Sweta Tiwari Shipco IT PG-DAC
Tanaya Sakat Cybage Software PG-DAC
Tanmay Kumar Gupta CitiusTech Healthcare PG-DBDA
Tejaswini Khirsagar Tieto India PG-DAC
Trupti Koli Cybage Software PG-DAC
Uday Waman Mobikon Tech PG-DAC
Unmesh Kulkarni Cybage Software PG-DAC
Vaibhav More Simply Compete PG-DAC
Vaishnavi Giradkar HCL PG-DAC
Vardhman Parakh CDAC Pune PG-DAC
Vertika Srivastava Scriptuit Technologies PG-DBDA
Vishal Bawage Alphanso Global PG-DBDA
Vrushali Patil DMI PG-DAC

List of students placed from Aug-2018 batch

Name Company COURSE
A Abhinay TA Digital PG-DBDA
Aarti Shete Prolifics Corporation PG-DBDA
Abhijeet Singh Accelya PG-DAC
Abhishek Gadhave The Digital Group PG-DAC
Aditya Kadam Bristlecone India PG-DBDA
Ahmed Pathan Kratin Software PG-DBDA
Aishwarya Ankolikar NEC Technology PG-DAC
Akhilesh Bhogale Happiest Minds PG-DAC
Akshada Jagtap Cybage Software PG-DAC
Akshata Bandagale ACI Worldwide PG-DAC
Akshay Borhade Medtronic PLC PG-DBDA
Akshay Pophale Volante Software PG-DAC
Akshay Terode YTrre Software PG-DBDA
Akshita Malhotra Evolent Health PG-DAC
Amit Salunke Happiest Minds PG-DAC
Ankeeta Shinde Cybage Software PG-DAC
Apurva Kundale Cybage Software PG-DAC
Archana Kanshetti Centurylink PG-DBDA
Ashutosh Gupta Knowledge Lens PG-DBDA
Ashutosh Pateriya Cybage Software PG-DAC
Ashwini Chechare HSBC Technology PG-DAC
Azahar Shaikh Siemens-Healthineers PG-DAC
Bansari Deshmukh Cybage Software PG-DAC
Chaitali Bhujbal KPIT PG-DAC
Channaveer Yarnal Innowise Global PG-DAC
Dhanashri Mali Landisgyr PG-DAC
Divyanka Latwal YTrre Software PG-DBDA
Gayatri Khandalikar Cubictree Technology PG-DBDA
Gayatri Rajput L&T Technology PG-DAC
Ginni Gupta GMR Group PG-DBDA
Harshad Pawar Medtronic PLC PG-DAC
Ishan Karande Hoonar Tekwurks PG-DBDA
Ishmeet Singh Khanuja IQ Digital Systems LLP PG-DBDA
Jyoti Ranakoti Cybage Software PG-DAC
Kajal Hundare Cybage Software PG-DAC
Kalyani Khairnar GEP PG-DAC
Kanchan Chopde Cybage Software PG-DAC
Keshav Korde Cybage Software PG-DAC
Komal Jadhav Volante Software PG-DAC
Komal Mukhekar Afour Technologies PG-DAC
Kshipra Charpe Bristlecone India PG-DBDA
Mahima Tanwar GEP PG-DAC
Mayank Kumar HCL Technologies PG-DAC
Mayur Deshpande L&T Technology PG-DAC
Mayur Sor BMC Software PG-DAC
Mayur Zanjad KPIT PG-DAC
Mayuri Nillawar Volante Software PG-DAC
Nandini Bachute Cybage Software PG-DAC
Naresh Kumar Jangid Yash Technologies PG-DAC
Navanit Deshmukh Cex Webuy Entertainment PG-DAC
Neha Gohil Cybage Software PG-DAC
Nihal Nadaf KPIT PG-DAC
Nikhil Patil Emtec Technologies PG-DBDA
Nikhil Valse Properly PG-DBDA
Nikita Patil Volante Software PG-DAC
Nikita Thorat eInfochips PG-DBDA
Nilesh Rahinj Cybage Software PG-DAC
Niranjan Kulkarni Cybage Software PG-DBDA
Omkar Chandole Landisgyr PG-DAC
Padma Mashette Prototech Solutions PG-DAC
Paresh Joshi Globant PG-DAC
Pooja Darak Centurylink PG-DAC
Pooja Lomte Happiest Minds PG-DAC
Pooja Patole Cybage Software PG-DAC
Poulami Manna GEP PG-DAC
Prabhanjan Shukla PTC Software PG-DAC
Prachi Kulkarni Siemens PG-DBDA
Pranav Pol Reflexis Systems PG-DAC
Prateek Sethiya Evolent Health PG-DAC
Pratik Dhende Cybage Software PG-DAC
Pratik Nevase HeapTrace Technology PG-DBDA
Pratima Sabale Amdocs PG-DAC
Pritam Bondarde Manhattan Associates PG-DAC
Pulkit Shrivastava Isobar Commerce PG-DBDA
Rajat Agrawal HCL Technologies PG-DBDA
Rajshree Jawale Varian Medical System PG-DAC
Rashmi Zalwade Innowise Global PG-DAC
Rekha Malviya Cubictree Technology PG-DBDA
Rinadevi Yadav Innowise Global PG-DAC
Rishab Advani BMC PG-DAC
Ritika Anand Cybage Software PG-DAC
Rohan Kalap Cybage Software PG-DAC
Rohit Dole MKCL PG-DAC
Sagar Gade HSBC Technology PG-DAC
Sampada Deshmukh Cerillion Technologies PG-DAC
Sanket Deshpande BMC Software PG-DBDA
Sanket Jagtap MKCL PG-DAC
Satish Kumar Atom Technologies PG-DAC
Saurabh Singh Harman Connect PG-DBDA
Sayali Adgale ACI Worldwide PG-DAC
Sayali Joshi Evolent Health PG-DAC
Sayali Sudhir Joshi Honeywell PG-DAC
Sayali Walhekar AccelTree Software PG-DAC
Shalini Dwivedi Mannara Technologies PG-DBDA
Shiva Singh Dassault Systemes PG-DAC
Shraddha Swami nCircle Tech PG-DAC
Shradha Chavan Xcaliber Infotech PG-DBDA
Shreyas Pande L&T Technology PG-DAC
Shrinivas Limaye Neova Solutions PG-DBDA
Shruti Bodhe Incture Technologies PG-DAC
Shubham Bihade Clairvoyantsoft PG-DBDA
Shubham Chavan Atom Technologies PG-DAC
Shubham Patil Cybage Software PG-DAC
Sidharth Bhawal CDAC Mumbai PG-DAC
Sneha Kalamkar ICU Medical PG-DAC
Sneha Patil MKCL PG-DAC
Snehal Shendage Interface Infosoft PG-DAC
Sujay Patil Sapiens Technologies PG-DAC
Sushil Gaikwad Knowledge Lens PG-DBDA
Tanjul Raikisani Securly Software PG-DAC
Tejanka Patil Amdocs PG-DAC
Tejshree Patil Indexnine Technologies PG-DAC
Tushar Khairnar Cybage Software PG-DAC
Uma Kamuni Yash Technologies PG-DAC
Utkarsh Alone FigMD PG-DBDA
Utkarsh Mandade Globant PG-DBDA
Vijay Padmule Verifone India PG-DAC
Vijaya Patil Medtronic PLC PG-DBDA
Vijendra Kalaskar Cybage Software PG-DAC
Vikram Fulmali Neova Solutions PG-DBDA
Vinod Navale Isana Systems PG-DBDA
Vinod Shirsikar HSBC Technology PG-DAC
Vishal Nanaware L&T Technology PG-DAC
Yash Shah The Digital Group PG-DAC
Yashwant Jangid Text Mercato Solution PG-DBDA

List of students placed from Feb-2018 batch

Name Company COURSE
Aakash Chaudhari Cybage PG-DAC
Abhijeet Shinde Cybage PG-DAC
Abhijit Birle Cybage PG-DAC
Abhishek Dixit CDAC ACTS PG-DBDA
Aishwarya Dubey Cybage PG-DAC
Aishwarya Kale CDAC Mumbai PG-DAC
Aishwarya Patange ZS Associates PG-DAC
Akshada Ugale SQS India PG-DAC
Akshay Jadhav Zensar Technologies PG-DAC
Anamika Sharma Zensar Technologies PG-DAC
Aniket Deo Siemens PG-DAC
Aniket Pote HSBC Software PG-DAC
Ankita Bangar Exxat Systems PG-DAC
Anushree Urkunde Zensar Technologies PG-DAC
Avinash Erande Northcorp Solutions PG-DBDA
Bhupendra Chaudhari HSBC Software PG-DAC
Bijendrasingh Rathore Varseno Solutions PG-DAC
Bramansh Chouksey Paytm PG-DAC
Dara Supriya Cybage PG-DAC
Darshna Shrivastava Cybage PG-DAC
Devendra Bhat Red Hat India PG-DBDA
Devrat Hirve NG Data PG-DBDA
Dheeraj Ingale Yash Technologies PG-DAC
Durvesh Malwade Infocepts PG-DAC
Fayaz Saudagar Simplify HealthCare PG-DAC
Gajanan Kagewad Tap Sense Technologies PG-DAC
Harshal Wadkar Cybage PG-DAC
Hrutuja Limbhore Cassiopae Solutions PG-DAC
Jyotiram Mane Zensar Technologies PG-DAC
Kalyani Birje Cybage PG-DAC
Kalyani Jadhav Varseno Solutions PG-DAC
Ketaki Divekar Clodura PG-DBDA
Kunal Kumar Sinha GreekSoft PG-DAC
Lohith Kumar Reddy Sapien Technologies PG-DAC
Madhuri Mhaske Leap and Scale Growth PG-DAC
Mayur Patharkar SQS India PG-DAC
Moreshwar Pidadi Cybage PG-DAC
Naman Gupta Zensar Technologies PG-DBDA
Namita Jain Zerebral IT Solutions PG-DBDA
Neeta Chavhan SmarTek21 Software & Services PG-DAC
Neha Sakhare Algorhythm Tech PG-DAC
Nikesh Bhagat ABANS Groups PG-DAC
Nikhil Asalkar Near PG-DBDA
Nikhil Nagnurwar Cybage PG-DAC
Nikita Lodhavat Cybage PG-DAC
Niraja Bokil Clodura PG-DBDA
Nisha Nagori Cybage PG-DAC
Nishigandha Vadhane ABANS Groups PG-DAC
Nitin Guddape Isana Systems PG-DAC
Pooja Raner Cybage PG-DAC
Poonam Panchal Cybage PG-DAC
Prachi Wable Softenger India PG-DAC
Pramod Dhongade Varseno Solutions PG-DAC
Prasanna Abhang V2 Solutions PG-DAC
Pratiksha Shinde Simplify HealthCare PG-DAC
Priyanka Satav Resilinc Solutions PG-DAC
Priyanka Shirsath Ansh Systems Pvt Ltd PG-DAC
Priyanka Upale SQS India BFSI PG-DAC
Puja Kumari Raut Cybage PG-DAC
Pulak Mitra SmarTek21 Software & Services PG-DAC
Raees Ahmed Kochargi Parkar Consulting & Labs PG-DAC
Rahul Deshmukh Sigma OSS Systems PG-DAC
Ram Narayan Cybage PG-DAC
Renu Sathawane Capgemini PG-DAC
Reshma Kadam CDAC PG-DAC
Rohan Dube Calsoft Technologies PG-DBDA
Ruchi Chandrakar Volkswagen PG-DBDA
Sandeep Bhavsar Cybage PG-DAC
Saras Jarkad SQS India PG-DAC
Sayali Barhate Heady Technologies PG-DAC
Sayali Margale Cybage PG-DAC
Sharmeen Ahmed 360 Realtors LLP PG-DAC
Shikha Verma Cybage PG-DAC
Shital Jadhav Cybage PG-DAC
Shital Jagtap Cybage PG-DAC
Shital Phadtare First Insight PG-DAC
Shubham Bejgamwar Infrasoft Technologies PG-DAC
Shubhangi Adsul Rean Cloud PG-DAC
Shubhi Gangele NG Data PG-DBDA
Shweta Bhosale Hoonar Tekwurks PG-DBDA
Shweta Shejawal Saama Technologies PG-DAC
Shweta Singh Syntel PG-DAC
Sneha Andhalkar Cassiopae Solutions PG-DAC
Sneha Nangale Axis Bank PG-DAC
Snehadeep Khobragade Cybage PG-DAC
Sneharani Bhasar Sahir Projects PG-DAC
Somnath Mali Varseno Solutions PG-DAC
Sonali Pillay Calsoft Technologies PG-DBDA
Sumedh Sakhare Lumina Datamatics PG-DBDA
Sunil Solanki Globeflex Research PG-DBDA
Swagotika Pusti Axis Bank PG-DAC
Tarun Akhare Simplify HealthCare PG-DAC
Trupti Diwani QED42 Engineering PG-DAC
Trupti Joshi Emtec Technologies PG-DBDA
Vaibhav Sawant SQS India BFSI PG-DAC
Vinal Pande Siemens PG-DAC
Vinod Muradi Cybage PG-DAC
Vishwajeet Pratap Singh Open Insights Solutions PG-DBDA

List of students placed from Aug-2017 batch

Name Company COURSE
Aashima Rastogi All State PG-DAC
Abhijeet Lokhande Aspect Ratio PG-DAC
Abhijit Baramade Sigma OSS Systems India PG-DAC
Abhishek Dhamane Capgemini India PG-DAC
Aboli Kendule Nitor InfoTech PG-DAC
Aditi Yadav Infosys PG-DAC
Ajay Pawar Exusia Inc. PG-DBDA
Ajay Shinde Volkswagen IT Services India PG-DAC
Ajinkya Pathak Infogen Labs PG-DBDA
Akansha Bangde Syntel PG-DAC
Akash Rawlani Clairvoyant India PG-DBDA
Akshay Bedegkar Teradata PG-DBDA
Akshay Dhomse Infogen Labs PG-DBDA
Akshay Khedekar Zerebral IT Solutions PG-DAC
Akshay Kulkarni Darwish Cybertech India PG-DAC
Alitta Joshi QTC Digital Systems PG-DBDA
Allamula Sairam Yadav Syntel PG-DBDA
Amruta Gavasane Acceltree Software PG-DAC
Aniket Babhulkar Siemens Tech PG-DAC
Anjali Musmade Emtec Technologies . PG-DAC
Anuj Shetgaonkar VCLS Solutions PG-DAC
Anuja Sonawane L&T Technology Services PG-DAC
Ashlesh Mandke Hoonar Tekwurks Consulting PG-DBDA
Ashwini Satpute Spadeworx PG-DAC
Bhagyashri Deshatwar Nihilent PG-DAC
Bhavana Kate Saama Technologies PG-DBDA
Bhavna Mamde Xcaliber PG-DAC
Bhishma Manek Self Placed PG-DBDA
Bhushan Patil Zensar Technologies PG-DBDA
Chandan Patil Enzigma Software PG-DAC
Chandan Shembade Nihilent PG-DAC
Chiragkumar Maniar Cybage Software Ltd PG-DAC
Durgesh Jawale Siemens Tech PG-DAC
Ganesh Talekar Evolveware Info-Techologies PG-DAC
Gaurav Gavankar GS Lab PG-DAC
Gayatri Madale Self-employed PG-DAC
Harshal Chaudhari Pragmasys Consulting LLP PG-DAC
Harshal Chaudhari SQS India Pvt Ltd PG-DAC
Hemangi Patil AMDOCS PG-DAC
Jagruti Boraste FIGmd, India PG-DAC
Jimit Mendhekar Areteans PG-DAC
Kapil Jarikotkar Addmaxima PG-DBDA
Kavita Bhange Self Placed PG-DAC
Kavita Dange Vorbicon Technologies Ltd PG-DAC
Khyatiben Prajapati Self Placed PG-DAC
Krushna Belge Exusia Inc. PG-DAC
Lalitkumar Saindane Qliktag Software Inc PG-DAC
Mahesh Kaware AIT Global India Ltd PG-DAC
Manisha Holambe Syntel PG-DAC
Mayur Amritkar Jetsynthesys PG-DAC
Meghna Singh Hoonar Tekwurks Consulting PG-DAC
Monika Kolhe Nitor InfoTech PG-DAC
Narin Meher Alphonso Global Solutions PG-DBDA
Neha Patil FIGmd, India PG-DAC
Nishant Salode AIT Global India Ltd PG-DAC
Pallavi Godse Accel Systems PG-DAC
Pallavi Mittal Nihilent PG-DAC
Pallavi Walekar Nihilent PG-DAC
Payal Gaikwad Barclays PG-DAC
Pooja Maliwal VIAVI Solutions India PG-DAC
Pooja Yeole Nihilent PG-DAC
Poonam Bargaje Alphonso Global Solutions PG-DBDA
Pragati Lande Nihilent PG-DAC
Pramod Nimbalkar L&T Technology Services PG-DAC
Pranali Galande FlexTrade India PG-DAC
Pravin Malav Aloha Technology PG-DAC
Pravin Thorat Infosys PG-DAC
Preeti Kulkarni Qliktag Software Inc PG-DAC
Priyanka Pawar Volkswagen IT Services India PG-DAC
Punam Bhosale FIGmd, India PG-DAC
Ramakant Tatkare Xcaliber PG-DAC
Rasika Shete GS Lab PG-DAC
Reshma Chavan LifeLine Systech Solutions PG-DAC
Revansiddha Waghamare Jetsynthesys PG-DAC
Rishabh Porwal C-DAC PG-DAC
Rohan Bhosale Knorr-Bremse Tech. PG-DAC
Rohini Verma Aloha Technology PG-DAC
Rupesh Patil FIGmd, India PG-DAC
Rushikesh Karande Bitwise Software PG-DAC
Sagar Nipane LifeLine Systech Solutions PG-DAC
Samruddhi Deshpande Evolveware Info-Techologies PG-DAC
Saurabh Dawale FIGmd, India PG-DAC
Shashank Bhujbal Acceltree Software PG-DAC
Shital Salunke Siemens PG-DAC
Shivaji Nakate KPIT PG-DAC
Shivaji Nakate KPIT PG-DAC
Shraddha Mandsaurwale PharmaACE Analytics PG-DAC
Shweta Mardhekar Nitor InfoTech PG-DAC
Shyamdas Udasi KPIT PG-DAC
Snehal Purkar Extentia Information Technology PG-DAC
Sonali Deshpande Clairvoyant India PG-DBDA
Sonali Pandit Gitai Softtech PG-DAC
Subodh Patil Self Placed PG-DAC
Suchitpuri Goswami Manhattan Associates PG-DAC
Sujit Surve AIT Global India Ltd PG-DAC
Surabhi Sharma Transfast India PG-DAC
Suraj Karad KPIT PG-DAC
Swapnil Mahadik AIT Global India Ltd PG-DAC
Swapnil Miniyar Saama Technologies PG-DBDA
Swati Badhe Self Employed PG-DBDA
Tejaswini Bangar Clairvoyant India PG-DBDA
Tejaswini Shinde Nitor InfoTech PG-DAC
Vaishnavi Kawade FIGmd, India PG-DAC
Varsha Kumari Hoonar Tekwurks Consulting PG-DAC
Vishakha Bornare KPIT PG-DAC
Yogesh Sawant Sagitech PG-DAC

Companies visited for CCPP

  • 3DPLM Software
  • ABOVE Solutions India Pvt. Ltd
  • Accel Systems
  • AccelTree Software Pvt. Ltd.
  • Accops Systems Pvt Ltd
  • ACI Worldwide Payment Solutions
  • Addtech
  • AdMaxim India Pvt Ltd
  • Aeron Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  • Afour Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • AIT Global India Pvt. Ltd
  • Alfaone Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • All State
  • AllizHealth
  • Aloha Technology Pvt Ltd
  • Alphonso Global Solutions
  • Altimetrik Pvt. Ltd
  • Amazon
  • ANDRITZ HYDRO Private Limited
  • Ansh Systems Pvt. Ltd
  • Anthill Tech Solutions
  • Apical Innovations
  • AppDirect, India
  • Aptify
  • Areteans
  • Arucom Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Astrazeneca
  • Aujas Networks Pvt Ltd
  • Avenues India Pvt. Ltd.
  • AVIN Systems Private Limited
  • Avyan Technologies LLP
  • Bank of America
  • Barclays
  • Bentley Systems India Pvt Ltd
  • BHTC
  • Bitwise
  • Blancco Diagnostics India Pvt. Ltd
  • BMC
  • Borne Commerce
  • Bright Brain Marketing Technologies LLP
  • C2CIT Pvt Ltd,
  • Capgemini India Private Limited
  • Cassiopae Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  • Cavium Networks
  • C-DAC
  • CDAC Bangalore
  • CDAC Hydrabad
  • CDAC Mumbai
  • CDAC Noida
  • Centiro Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Centium Consulting
  • Cerium Systems Pvt Limited
  • CeX WeBuy Entertainment Pvt.Ltd.
  • CLAIRVOYANT India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Coditation Systems
  • ComScore technologies
  • Consul Neowatt Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  • Contera Engineering
  • Cookiejar Technologies Private Limited
  • CoreEL Technologies
  • Coriolis Technologies pvt.ltd
  • CredenTek
  • Cumulus Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  • Curatech Pvt. Ltd.
  • Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd
  • Cybernetics Software Pvt Ltd.
  • Darwish Cybertech India Private Limited
  • Datamatics Global Services Limited
  • DemandMatrix
  • Emtec Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  • Enovation Controls India Pvt Ltd.
  • Entercoms
  • Enzigma Software Pvt Ltd
  • EPAM
  • eSilicon Corporation
  • ESKO Graphics India Pvt. Ltd.
  • etouches event software pvt ltd
  • ETP International Pvt Ltd.,
  • Evolutionary Systems - EVOSYS
  • Exadatum
  • Exceptionaire Technologies
  • Extenprise eSolutions i Pvt. Ltd.
  • Exusia Inc.
  • Exxat Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Fast Track Software Services Pvt. Ltd
  • Fidelity
  • FIGmd, India
  • Finastra
  • First Insight Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • FlexTrade India Private Limited
  • Forgeahead Solutions
  • Gauri Ltd.
  • GDB Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • GDIZ
  • General Electric GE Oil and Gas
  • GEP Solutions
  • Gitai Softtech
  • GlimpseFive Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  • Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  • GS Lab
  • HCL Technologies Ltd.
  • HeapTrace Technology Pvt Ltd
  • Hindujatech
  • Honeywell Technology Solutions
  • Hoonar Tekwurks Consulting LLP
  • HSBC Software Development India Pvt Ltd
  • Hurix Systems Private Limited
  • Icreon Communications
  • ICU Medical India
  • Indian Energy Exchange Ltd
  • Indian Institute of Technology Bhilai
  • Infineon Technologies
  • Infintus Innovations Private Limited
  • Infor India
  • Infosys
  • InfoVision
  • Ingenuity
  • Innoplexus Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Intellect Design Arena Ltd.
  • Interviewair
  • Intouch Consumer Care Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Invimatic Solutions LLP
  • IP Access India Pvt Ltd.
  • iSayBuddy
  • ITC Infotech
  • Ivysys Technologies
  • Japfa Comfeed India Pvt Ltd
  • Jetsynthesys Pvt Ltd
  • John Deere India Pvt Ltd
  • Juniper Networks India Pvt Ltd.
  • Justdial Ltd
  • Knorex india private limited
  • KPIT
  • L&T
  • LifeLine Systech Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • light Information Technology
  • Logiquad Solutions
  • M3bi India Pvt Ltd
  • MadValley Labs
  • Magna Steyr India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Magnes Motors India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Manhattan Associates
  • Media Magic
  • Mediaocean
  • Medline Industries India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Memko
  • Metro Services
  • Micropoint Computers Private Limited
  • Miles Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • MInda AEC
  • Mindlance Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Mindstix Software Labs
  • Mitel
  • Mobicule Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
  • Mobis Technical Center of India
  • Monocept Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  • Moog Inc
  • Morningstar
  • Motifworks India Pvt. Ltd
  • NEC Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Neewee Analytics
  • Neilsoft Limited
  • Nihilent
  • Nirvana Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Nitor
  • Nokia
  • Nokia Networks
  • NSE Infotech Services Limited
  • NSEIT Limited
  • Nuance Communications
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