Common Campus Placement Program (CCPP)

C-DAC students have always been the first choice of IT and communication recruiters', when it comes to recruiting ready to deploy manpower for any of their turnkey projects. Many top IT companies have shown faith in C-DAC trained resources by recruiting C-DAC students through this CCPP. C-DAC has also recruited some of the bright minds from this center for their R&D projects.

Over the 25 years, C-DAC has shaped the careers of over 3 lakh IT professionals in software development and other specialised advanced computing domains. The Placement Cells of C-DAC organise Common Campus Placement Programmes (CCPP) for its PG Diploma students. More than 400 companies participated in C-DAC's campus placements in 2019 and 2020, wherein overall 80% placement is achieved across India.

We are proud to be one of the C-DAC ATCs with excellent placement record. Many leading IT Companies have visited our campus in the past and the list is still growing. Our placement team is dedicated to identify the expectations of recruiters precisely. Apart from sound technical knowledge, we focus on other aspects like Aptitude techniques, Communication skills as well as interview techniques which are crucial for placement of our students.

Placement Cell

Placement Cell is coordinated by Mr. Vaibhav Inamdar with an Educational Institutions experience of ten years. Placement Cell provides window of opportunities to the students over a wide variety of career’s in a broad spectrum of Industries/Organizations in India.
Placement Department has an important role to play in student’s future as it serves as an indispensable pillar of the Institute. This department continuously strives to help students in pursuing their career goals by acquiring employment-seeking skills and ultimately to attain desired employment. This is accomplished through building a strong partnership amongst students and industries.
Our placement team understands the technical and behavioral expectations of recruiting companies clearly and focus our technology as well as soft-skills training programs precisely to meet these expectations. This approach has always been very well appreciated by our recruiters, which gets reflected in our impressive placement figures

List of students placed from Feb-2020 batch (Campus still in progress)

Name Course Company
Adity ShrivastavaPG-DBDAXcalibergriffyn Robotech
Aishwarya ShivanePG-DBDAXcalibergriffyn Robotech
Ashish SharmaPG-DBDAYash Technologies
Aadil ShaikhPG-DACAccops Systems
Abhilash KamblePG-DACCybage Software
Akshay MandlikPG-DBDAXcalibergriffyn Robotech
Komal KamblePG-DBDAHoonar Tekwurks Consulting
Pragya TripathiPG-DBDABajaj Finserv
Rahul SanapPG-DBDAMaersk Global
Aishwarya JadhavPG-DACEmbitel Technologies
Akanksha NarkhedePG-DACCybage Software
Jayant AlaspurePG-DBDABlueconch Technologies
Mahesh BhandareePG-DBDAXcalibergriffyn Robotech
Nannapaneni Sai TejaPG-DBDAMavenir Systems
Payal KhodePG-DBDAZf Associate
Shubham KakadePG-DBDAC-Dac Pune
Akash BodhalPG-DACDassault Systemes
Monika PawarPG-DBDAMotifworks India
Avinash MirgalPG-DBDAXcalibergriffyn Robotech
Chinmay BhusatePG-DBDAC-Dac Pune
Manisha SangshettyPG-DBDABank Of America
Meghal NargotraPG-DBDAMercedes-Benz
Rushikesh SantrePG-DBDANear India
Akash PatilPG-DACIks Health
Akash TandekarPG-DACCybage Software
Rajesh PalleguntiPG-DBDAXcalibergriffyn Robotech
Akash JaiswalPG-DACAccops Systems
Akshata PagarPG-DACC-Dac Pune
Akshata SonnagiPG-DACXcalliber Infotech
Amruta BokanPG-DACAujas Cyber Security
Ankit WankhedePG-DACXcalliber Infotech
Ankita GautamPG-DACC-Dac Mumbai
Ankita HalkudePG-DACCybage Software
Arun SurasePG-DACC-Dac Pune
Ashutoshkumar YadavPG-DACAujas Cyber Security
Ashwani YadavPG-DACYash Technologies
Bhagyashree PatilPG-DACBank Of America
Bhagyashri BharambePG-DACC-Dac Pune
Bhavesh SonarPG-DACCybage Software
Bhavesh WawrePG-DACWurth It India
Digvijay PatilPG-DACCybage Software
Gaurav BakarePG-DACXcalliber Infotech
Gauri KulkarniPG-DACPaycraft Solutions
Geetanjali SutarPG-DACHoonar Tekwurks Consulting
Jayant AlaspurePG-DBDABlueconch Technologies
Kanchan WaghmarePG-DACCybage Software
Kevin ModiPG-DACReliance Jio
Kishor DanawalePG-DACCybage Software
Krishnachaitanya DameraPG-DACXcalliber Infotech
Laxman MaskePG-DACCybage Software
Madhuri BhorPG-DACAmdocs
Mahesh SulPG-DACAujas Cyber Security
Manasi BhamarePG-DACTcs
Manoj AkhadmalPG-DACCybage Software
Meghana PagarePG-DACBank Of America
Monika PawarPG-DBDAMotifworks India
Namrata JadhavPG-DACDassault Systemes
Neha KadamPG-DACC-Dac Pune
Neha SwamiPG-DACC-Dac Pune
Nishad KhanPG-DACCybage Software
Omkar JoshiPG-DACWurth It India
Onkar YadavPG-DACDassault Systemes
Paras MahajanPG-DACPrototech
Pranita BhosalePG-DACCybage Software
Pranjali AdgokarPG-DACC-Dac Pune
Pritilata KulkarniPG-DACCybage Software
Priyanka BelhekarPG-DACAmdocs
Puja ArkalPG-DACC-Dac Mumbai
Radhika KalePG-DACAujas Cyber Security
Raj KerkarPG-DACCybage Software
Rajnandini MaliPG-DACCybage Software
Sachin DeshmukhPG-DACXcalliber Infotech
Sagar GandalePG-DACC-Dac Pune
Samadhan BorsePG-DACMavenir Systems
Samruddhi PathePG-DACCybage Software
Sanket TawharePG-DACCybage Software
Saumitra MutatkarPG-DACXcalliber Infotech
Sejal SaxenaPG-DACBank Of America
Shashikant JagtapPG-DACEmbitel Technologies
Shital NarutePG-DACCapgemini
Shreya DeshmukhPG-DACSiemens India
Shreyas Sanjay GhulePG-DACHoonar Tekwurks Consulting
Shripad KshirsagarPG-DACBank Of America
Shrutika JadhavPG-DACAujas Cyber Security
Shubham DubeyPG-DBDAMercedes Benz
Shubham GatkalPG-DACIks Health
Shubham PathakPG-DACC-Dac Pune
Shubham PawarPG-DACCybage Software
Shubham RakhPG-DACMkcl
Shubham RautPG-DACCybage Software
Shweta ThakrePG-DBDAYash Technologies
Sonal ShendePG-DBDAMaersk Global
Souvan MallickPG-DBDAYash Technologies
Sumit SankpalPG-DACCybage Software
Sunilkumar PandeyPG-DACSelf Placed
Swapnil GarjePG-DACIks Health
Swapnil RahinjPG-DACC-Dac Pune
Sweety JangalePG-DACIndexnine Technologies
Tejas SatamPG-DACCybage Software
Triveni ChaudhariPG-DACCybage Software
Tukaram PandharePG-DACMitel
Vaishnavi KajalePG-DBDABajaj Finserv
Vallabh PatilPG-DACCybage Software
Varsha GawariPG-DACC-Dac Mumbai
Varsha HavalePG-DACBank Of America
Vibhuti TrivediPG-DACGep Solution
Vishal SutarPG-DACCybage Software
Yash ShuklaPG-DACAmdocs

List of students placed from Aug-2019 batch (Local campus still in progress)

Name Course Company
Abhijeet Gadekar PG-DAC Allianz Technology
Abhishek Patil PG-DAC Beauto Systems
Abhishek Tanpure PG-DAC Cybage Software
Adesh Dandawate PG-DAC Tracelink Inc
Aditya Deshpande PG-DAC Intouch Solutions
Aishwarya Phatak PG-DAC Sapiens
Ajit Kalawade PG-DBDA Nitor Infotech
Akshay Kamthe PG-DAC Cybage Software
Akshay Khedkar PG-DBDA TIBCO India
Amit Gangurde PG-DAC Enzigma Software
Aniket Katkar PG-DAC DCB Bank
Aniket Shinde PG-DAC Cybage Software
Anish Singh PG-DAC Deutsche Telekom
Ankit Chaudhari PG-DBDA TCS
Aparna Dhapate PG-DAC Nitor Infotech
Aparna Kolte PG-DBDA Inteliment Technologies
Apurva Jogal PG-DAC Cybage Software
Apurva Kale PG-DAC Cybage Software
Apurva Naik PG-DAC Xenia Consulting
Apurva Shinde PG-DBDA Motifworks India
Archana Patil PG-DAC Infovision Labs
Ashish Hole PG-DAC Cybage Software
Atul Khomane PG-DBDA GS Labs
Ayush Khadatkar PG-DAC Allianz Technology
Chetan Raut PG-DAC Cybage Software
Deepak Padmule PG-DAC AFour Technologies
Dhanashree Sonwane PG-DAC Cybage Software
Dhaneshwari Pendiyala PG-DBDA PharmaAce
Dhiraj Patil PG-DAC Allianz Technology
Diksha Dhakite PG-DBDA Nitor Infotech
Dipali Chavan PG-DAC Cybage Software
Girija Mage PG-DAC Dassault Systems
Harshada Kardile PG-DAC Areatens Technology
Hrushikesh Magar PG-DAC Hidden Brains
Jayashri Rasal PG-DAC Allianz Technology
Jigar Jain PG-DAC TCS
Kankana Memane PG-DAC Nitor Infotech
Karan Bhosale PG-DBDA CRISIL Ltd
Kaushik Mandal PG-DAC Varstreet
Kiran Ghorband PG-DAC Areatens Technology
Kiran Gosavi PG-DBDA Exusia
Kiran Nagarkar PG-DBDA Neal Analytics
Kunal Band PG-DBDA Dataeaze Systems
Lokesh Juruva PG-DBDA Expleo India
Manali Supekar PG-DAC AMDOCS
Manish Patil PG-DBDA Datametica Solutions
Manpreet Singh PG-DAC AMDOCS
Mayuri Sali PG-DAC Volante Software
Minal Kulkarni PG-DAC Cybage Software
Namrata Tandale PG-DAC e-Zest Solutions
Neeraj Gole PG-DAC Cybage Software
Neha Dhane PG-DAC Allianz Technology
Nikhil Bohra PG-DBDA Solutions Global
Nikhilkumar Jain PG-DAC Cybage Software
Nikita Dharak PG-DAC AMDOCS
Nikita Patawar PG-DAC Cybage Software
Nilesh Bhavsar PG-DAC Cybage Software
Niranjan Jadhav PG-DAC Avegen Health
Omkar Ghugare PG-DAC HCL Technologies
Padmaja Deshpande PG-DAC CybageSoftware
Pallavi Patil PG-DBDA Expleo India
Piyush Bhaisare PG-DBDA AFour Technologies
Pooja Bhagwat PG-DAC Cybage Software
Pooja Ukey PG-DBDA Nitor Infotech
Poonam Singh PG-DAC Bank Of America
Prabodh Jadhav PG-DAC Tieto
Prajakta Memane PG-DBDA CDAC
Pramodini Akhade PG-DAC Copart Technology
Prashant Bodhale PG-DBDA Datametica Solutions
Pratiksha Nawale PG-DAC TCS
Pratiksha Vyawahare PG-DAC Cybage Software
Priyanka Keche PG-DAC Blue Space Labs
Priyanka Magar PG-DAC Cybage software
Ravindra Shelake PG-DAC Mindtree
Revati Bhimu PG-DAC Saama Technologies
Rupali Patil PG-DAC Cybage Software
Rutuja Misal PG-DAC Volante Software
Rutuja Salunkhe PG-DAC Saama Technologies
Sadhana Patil PG-DAC Juniper Networks
Sanjana Ghungrudkar PG-DAC Allianz Technology
Sankalp Gajapure PG-DBDA Exusia
Sanket Patil PG-DAC Cybage Software
Sanyam Mathur PG-DAC IKS Health
Saurabh Kamthe PG-DBDA NEIRON
Saurabh Ruikar PG-DBDA Neal Analytics
Shashank Sharma PG-DAC Siemens Healthineers
Shivani Katruwar PG-DAC AMDOCS
Shraddha Ghadage PG-DAC TCS
Shreya Usgaonkar PG-DAC AMDOCS
Shrushti Mor PG-DBDA DIYCAM India
Shruti Patil PG-DAC Cybage Software
Shubham Tomar PG-DBDA IKS Health
Shweta Limje PG-DBDA Self Placed
Sonali Pednekar PG-DBDA Saama Technologies
Sujit Patil PG-DAC Pubmatics
Sumit Nalbalwar PG-DAC Allianz Technology
Suyash Patil PG-DBDA CDAC
SyedJafar Hussain PG-DBDA Comscore Technologies
Tejas Deshpande PG-DBDA Self Placed
Utkarsha Wagh PG-DAC Reflexis Systems
Varun Pujari PG-DAC Manhattan Associates
Vikas Tangade PG-DAC Kaldin Solutions
Vishal Chaudhari PG-DAC AMDOCS
Vishal Patil PG-DBDA Knowledge Lens
Vishwambhar Kapare PG-DBDA Paroscale Technologies
Vivek Pawar PG-DAC Nourtek
Yogesh Khedkar PG-DAC TCS
Yogiraj Joshi PG-DAC AXIS BANK

List of students placed from Feb-2019 batch

Name Course Company
Abhaivir SinghPG-DBDAInfonyx
Abhay ChidrawarPG-DACSapiens Technologies
Abhijit GapatPG-DACJust Dial
Abhiruchi ThombarePG-DACCybage Software
Ajinkya PotdarPG-DBDASaama Technologies
Akash PawarPG-DACNSE India
Akshay BodkePG-DBDAEPIC Technology Research
Akshay GaikwadPG-DACSaama Technologies
Akshay RautPG-DACReflexis Systems
Amit SatputePG-DACMahindra & Mahindra ( IT Division)
Amol ShirsathPG-DBDAInnoplexus
Anjana ChiwadePG-DACPharmaACE
Anushree KawleyPG-DACYash Technologies
Ashish KadbePG-DBDAMotifworks India
Ashish KurambhattiPG-DACCybage Software
Ashish PatilPG-DACSpringer Nature
Ashwini JadhavPG-DACNihilent
Aukshan JoshiPG-DACCachebox Primaryio India
Bhushan PawarPG-DACInnoplexus
Bipin DoiphodePG-DACMobikon Tech
Chitra WavhalPG-DBDACybage Software
Darshana NigadePG-DACPosit Source Technologies
Daya PatilPG-DACCybage Software
Deepak JainPG-DBDACybage Software
Gaurav BhitePG-DBDAScriptuit Technologies
Gayatri HarsulkarPG-DACCybage Software
Govardhan KankiPG-DBDAAicenceIT Solutions
Harshada GodasePG-DACYash Technologies
Jagruti ChavanPG-DACSpringer Nature
Janhavi KulkarniPG-DBDAMotifworks India
Jyoti MohitePG-DACMahindra & Mahindra ( IT Division)
Komal MorePG-DACPosit Source Technologies
Madhurima KulkarniPG-DACSpringer Nature
Mayank MurdioPG-DBDASaama Technologies
Mayur GaikwadPG-DACIndexnine Technologies
Mrunal MandlikPG-DBDARetail Solutions India
Mrunmayi DharmadhikariPG-DACMobiquity Softech
Neeraj KhadilkarPG-DBDACDAC Mumbai
Neha NhayadePG-DACCybage Software
Omkar ChitnisPG-DACCdac - Egov
Omkar PisalPG-DACEnzigma Software
Pankaj ShimpiPG-DACPharmarack Technology
Parmeshwar WaghPG-DACNaaptol Online
Pooja ButlaPG-DACSpringer Nature
Pradnya RautPG-DACCybage Software
Prajakta SunePG-DACNihilent
Pranali AkantPG-DBDAHyudai Mobis
Pranav PisePG-DBDASaama Technologies
Prashant PatilPG-DACEbixcash Technologies
Prathamesh ShewalePG-DBDASaama Technologies
Pratiksha BabarpatilPG-DACNihilent
Pratiksha MalokarPG-DACNse India
Priyanka JagtapPG-DACNihilent
Priyanka VaskarPG-DACManhattan Associates India
Rahul JaiswalPG-DBDASaama Technologies
Ramandeep DhirPG-DACAllScripts India
Renuka PalsodkarPG-DACManhattan Associates India
Rinku ChavanPG-DACHappiest Minds
Ritivij AkkawarPG-DACSaama Technologies
Rohit KumarReddy PG-DAC Cybage Software
Rohit PatilPG-DACDassault Systemes
Rutuja BodadePG-DACBentley Systems
Rutuja ManePG-DACQuick Heal
Sachin IngalePG-DACInnoplexus
Sachin LadePG-DACHoonar Tekwurks
Sagar DandgavalPG-DACCredit Suisse
Samay NandeshwarPG-DBDASaama Technologies
Sanket SawangPG-DBDAAlphanso Global
Santosh PatilPG-DACRetail Solutions India
Saurabh JagtapPG-DBDAInterview Mocha
Sayali JadhavPG-DACCybage Software
Shailesh KhunePG-DACSaama Technologies
Shilpi GuptaPG-DACAllScripts India
Shrinath HattekarPG-DACJeavio
Shubham KhedkarPG-DACXento Systems
Shubham PawarPG-DACREI Systems India
Sneha GaikwadPG-DACManhattan Associates India
Snehal KalePG-DACCybage Software
Snehal SuryavanshiPG-DACNuance India
Sonal BhorkarPG-DACMahindra & Mahindra ( IT Division)
Soutick MallickPG-DACFendahl Technology
Sushant MathpatiPG-DACFirst Insight
Swaleha SayyadPG-DACDassault Systemes
Sweta TiwariPG-DACShipco IT
Tanaya SakatPG-DACCybage Software
Tanmay KumarGupta PG-DBDA CitiusTech Healthcare
Tejaswini KhirsagarPG-DACTieto India
Trupti KoliPG-DACCybage Software
Uday WamanPG-DACMobikon Tech
Unmesh KulkarniPG-DACCybage Software
Vaibhav MorePG-DACSimply Compete
Vaishnavi GiradkarPG-DACHCL
Vardhman ParakhPG-DACCDAC Pune
Vertika SrivastavaPG-DBDAScriptuit Technologies
Vishal BawagePG-DBDAAlphanso Global
Vrushali PatilPG-DACDMI

List of students placed from Aug-2018 batch

Name Course Company
A AbhinayPG-DBDATA Digital
Aarti ShetePG-DBDAProlifics Corporation
Abhijeet SinghPG-DACAccelya
Abhishek GadhavePG-DACThe Digital Group
Aditya KadamPG-DBDABristlecone India
Ahmed PathanPG-DBDAKratin Software
Aishwarya AnkolikarPG-DACNEC Technology
Akhilesh BhogalePG-DACHappiest Minds
Akshada JagtapPG-DACCybage Software
Akshata BandagalePG-DACACI Worldwide
Akshay BorhadePG-DBDAMedtronic PLC
Akshay PophalePG-DACVolante Software
Akshay TerodePG-DBDAYTrre Software
Akshita MalhotraPG-DACEvolent Health
Amit SalunkePG-DACHappiest Minds
Ankeeta ShindePG-DACCybage Software
Apurva KundalePG-DACCybage Software
Archana KanshettiPG-DBDACenturylink
Ashutosh GuptaPG-DBDAKnowledge Lens
Ashutosh PateriyaPG-DACCybage Software
Ashwini ChecharePG-DACHSBC Technology
Azahar ShaikhPG-DACSiemens-Healthineers
Bansari DeshmukhPG-DACCybage Software
Chaitali BhujbalPG-DACKPIT
Channaveer YarnalPG-DACInnowise Global
Dhanashri MaliPG-DACLandisgyr
Divyanka LatwalPG-DBDAYTrre Software
Gayatri KhandalikarPG-DBDACubictree Technology
Gayatri RajputPG-DACL&T Technology
Ginni GuptaPG-DBDAGMR Group
Harshad PawarPG-DACMedtronic PLC
Ishan KarandePG-DBDAHoonar Tekwurks
Ishmeet Singh KhanujaPG-DBDA IQ Digital Systems LLP
Jyoti RanakotiPG-DACCybage Software
Kajal HundarePG-DACCybage Software
Kalyani KhairnarPG-DACGEP
Kanchan ChopdePG-DACCybage Software
Keshav KordePG-DACCybage Software
Komal JadhavPG-DACVolante Software
Komal MukhekarPG-DACAfour Technologies
Kshipra CharpePG-DBDABristlecone India
Mahima TanwarPG-DACGEP
Mayank KumarPG-DACHCL Technologies
Mayur DeshpandePG-DACL&T Technology
Mayur SorPG-DACBMC Software
Mayur ZanjadPG-DACKPIT
Mayuri NillawarPG-DACVolante Software
Nandini BachutePG-DACCybage Software
Naresh KumarJangid PG-DAC Yash Technologies
Navanit DeshmukhPG-DACCex Webuy Entertainment
Neha GohilPG-DACCybage Software
Nikhil PatilPG-DBDAEmtec Technologies
Nikhil ValsePG-DBDAProperly
Nikita PatilPG-DACVolante Software
Nikita ThoratPG-DBDAeInfochips
Nilesh RahinjPG-DACCybage Software
Niranjan KulkarniPG-DBDACybage Software
Omkar ChandolePG-DACLandisgyr
Padma MashettePG-DACPrototech Solutions
Paresh JoshiPG-DACGlobant
Pooja DarakPG-DACCenturylink
Pooja LomtePG-DACHappiest Minds
Pooja PatolePG-DACCybage Software
Poulami MannaPG-DACGEP
Prabhanjan ShuklaPG-DACPTC Software
Prachi KulkarniPG-DBDASiemens
Pranav PolPG-DACReflexis Systems
Prateek SethiyaPG-DACEvolent Health
Pratik DhendePG-DACCybage Software
Pratik NevasePG-DBDAHeapTrace Technology
Pratima SabalePG-DACAmdocs
Pritam BondardePG-DACManhattan Associates
Pulkit ShrivastavaPG-DBDAIsobar Commerce
Rajat AgrawalPG-DBDAHCL Technologies
Rajshree JawalePG-DACVarian Medical System
Rashmi ZalwadePG-DACInnowise Global
Rekha MalviyaPG-DBDACubictree Technology
Rinadevi YadavPG-DACInnowise Global
Rishab AdvaniPG-DACBMC
Ritika AnandPG-DACCybage Software
Rohan KalapPG-DACCybage Software
Sagar GadePG-DACHSBC Technology
Sampada DeshmukhPG-DACCerillion Technologies
Sanket DeshpandePG-DBDABMC Software
Sanket JagtapPG-DACMKCL
Satish KumarPG-DACAtom Technologies
Saurabh SinghPG-DBDAHarman Connect
Sayali AdgalePG-DACACI Worldwide
Sayali JoshiPG-DACEvolent Health
Sayali Sudhir Joshi PG-DACHoneywell
Sayali WalhekarPG-DACAccelTree Software
Shalini DwivediPG-DBDAMannara Technologies
Shiva SinghPG-DACDassault Systemes
Shraddha SwamiPG-DACnCircle Tech
Shradha ChavanPG-DBDAXcaliber Infotech
Shreyas PandePG-DACL&T Technology
Shrinivas LimayePG-DBDANeova Solutions
Shruti BodhePG-DACIncture Technologies
Shubham BihadePG-DBDAClairvoyantsoft
Shubham ChavanPG-DACAtom Technologies
Shubham PatilPG-DACCybage Software
Sidharth BhawalPG-DACCDAC Mumbai
Sneha KalamkarPG-DACICU Medical
Snehal ShendagePG-DACInterface Infosoft
Sujay PatilPG-DACSapiens Technologies
Sushil GaikwadPG-DBDAKnowledge Lens
Tanjul RaikisaniPG-DACSecurly Software
Tejanka PatilPG-DACAmdocs
Tejshree PatilPG-DACIndexnine Technologies
Tushar KhairnarPG-DACCybage Software
Uma KamuniPG-DACYash Technologies
Utkarsh AlonePG-DBDAFigMD
Utkarsh MandadePG-DBDAGlobant
Vijay PadmulePG-DACVerifone India
Vijaya PatilPG-DBDAMedtronic PLC
Vijendra KalaskarPG-DACCybage Software
Vikram FulmaliPG-DBDANeova Solutions
Vinod NavalePG-DBDAIsana Systems
Vinod ShirsikarPG-DACHSBC Technology
Vishal NanawarePG-DACL&T Technology
Yash ShahPG-DACThe Digital Group
Yashwant JangidPG-DBDAText Mercato Solution

List of students placed from Feb-2018 batch

Name Course Company
Aakash ChaudhariPG-DACCybage
Abhijeet ShindePG-DACCybage
Abhijit BirlePG-DACCybage
Aishwarya DubeyPG-DACCybage
Aishwarya KalePG-DACCDAC Mumbai
Aishwarya PatangePG-DACZS Associates
Akshada UgalePG-DACSQS India
Akshay JadhavPG-DACZensar Technologies
Anamika SharmaPG-DACZensar Technologies
Aniket DeoPG-DACSiemens
Aniket PotePG-DACHSBC Software
Ankita BangarPG-DACExxat Systems
Anushree UrkundePG-DACZensar Technologies
Avinash ErandePG-DBDANorthcorp Solutions
Bhupendra ChaudhariPG-DACHSBC Software
Bijendrasingh RathorePG-DACVarseno Solutions
Bramansh ChoukseyPG-DACPaytm
Dara SupriyaPG-DACCybage
Darshna ShrivastavaPG-DACCybage
Devendra BhatPG-DBDARed Hat India
Devrat HirvePG-DBDANG Data
Dheeraj IngalePG-DACYash Technologies
Durvesh MalwadePG-DACInfocepts
Fayaz SaudagarPG-DACSimplify HealthCare
Gajanan KagewadPG-DACTap Sense Technologies
Harshal WadkarPG-DACCybage
Hrutuja LimbhorePG-DACCassiopae Solutions
Jyotiram ManePG-DACZensar Technologies
Kalyani BirjePG-DACCybage
Kalyani JadhavPG-DACVarseno Solutions
Ketaki DivekarPG-DBDAClodura
Kunal Kumar Sinha PG-DAC GreekSoft
Lohith Kumar Reddy PG-DAC Sapien Technologies
Madhuri MhaskePG-DACLeap and Scale Growth
Mayur PatharkarPG-DACSQS India
Moreshwar PidadiPG-DACCybage
Naman GuptaPG-DBDAZensar Technologies
Namita JainPG-DBDAZerebral IT Solutions
Neeta ChavhanPG-DACSmarTek21 Software & Services
Neha SakharePG-DACAlgorhythm Tech
Nikesh BhagatPG-DACABANS Groups
Nikhil AsalkarPG-DBDANear
Nikhil NagnurwarPG-DACCybage
Nikita LodhavatPG-DACCybage
Niraja BokilPG-DBDAClodura
Nisha NagoriPG-DACCybage
Nishigandha VadhanePG-DACABANS Groups
Nitin GuddapePG-DACIsana Systems
Pooja RanerPG-DACCybage
Poonam PanchalPG-DACCybage
Prachi WablePG-DACSoftenger India
Pramod DhongadePG-DACVarseno Solutions
Prasanna AbhangPG-DACV2 Solutions
Pratiksha ShindePG-DACSimplify HealthCare
Priyanka SatavPG-DACResilinc Solutions
Priyanka ShirsathPG-DACAnsh Systems Pvt Ltd
Priyanka UpalePG-DACSQS India BFSI
Puja RautPG-DACCybage
Pulak MitraPG-DACSmarTek21 Software & Services
Raees KochargiPG-DACParkar Consulting & Labs
Rahul DeshmukhPG-DACSigma OSS Systems
Ram NarayanPG-DACCybage
Renu SathawanePG-DACCapgemini
Reshma KadamPG-DACCDAC
Rohan DubePG-DBDACalsoft Technologies
Ruchi ChandrakarPG-DBDAVolkswagen
Sandeep BhavsarPG-DACCybage
Saras JarkadPG-DACSQS India
Sayali BarhatePG-DACHeady Technologies
Sayali MargalePG-DACCybage
Sharmeen AhmedPG-DAC360 Realtors LLP
Shikha VermaPG-DACCybage
Shital JadhavPG-DACCybage
Shital JagtapPG-DACCybage
Shital PhadtarePG-DACFirst Insight
Shubham BejgamwarPG-DACInfrasoft Technologies
Shubhangi AdsulPG-DACRean Cloud
Shubhi GangelePG-DBDANG Data
Shweta BhosalePG-DBDAHoonar Tekwurks
Shweta ShejawalPG-DACSaama Technologies
Shweta SinghPG-DACSyntel
Sneha AndhalkarPG-DACCassiopae Solutions
Sneha NangalePG-DACAxis Bank
Snehadeep KhobragadePG-DACCybage
Sneharani BhasarPG-DACSahir Projects
Somnath MaliPG-DACVarseno Solutions
Sonali PillayPG-DBDACalsoft Technologies
Sumedh SakharePG-DBDALumina Datamatics
Sunil SolankiPG-DBDAGlobeflex Research
Swagotika PustiPG-DACAxis Bank
Tarun AkharePG-DACSimplify HealthCare
Trupti DiwaniPG-DACQED42 Engineering
Trupti JoshiPG-DBDAEmtec Technologies
Vaibhav SawantPG-DACSQS India BFSI
Vinal PandePG-DACSiemens
Vinod MuradiPG-DACCybage
Vishwajeet Pratap Singh PG-DBDA Open Insights Solutions

Companies visited for CCPP

  • 3DPLM Software
  • ABOVE Solutions India Pvt. Ltd
  • Accel Systems
  • AccelTree Software Pvt. Ltd.
  • Accops Systems Pvt Ltd
  • ACI Worldwide Payment Solutions
  • Addtech
  • AdMaxim India Pvt Ltd
  • Aeron Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  • Afour Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • AIT Global India Pvt. Ltd
  • Alfaone Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • All State
  • AllizHealth
  • Aloha Technology Pvt Ltd
  • Alphonso Global Solutions
  • Altimetrik Pvt. Ltd
  • Amazon
  • ANDRITZ HYDRO Private Limited
  • Ansh Systems Pvt. Ltd
  • Anthill Tech Solutions
  • Apical Innovations
  • AppDirect, India
  • Aptify
  • Areteans
  • Arucom Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Astrazeneca
  • Aujas Networks Pvt Ltd
  • Avenues India Pvt. Ltd.
  • AVIN Systems Private Limited
  • Avyan Technologies LLP
  • Bank of America
  • Barclays
  • Bentley Systems India Pvt Ltd
  • BHTC
  • Bitwise
  • Blancco Diagnostics India Pvt. Ltd
  • BMC
  • Borne Commerce
  • Bright Brain Marketing Technologies LLP
  • C2CIT Pvt Ltd,
  • Capgemini India Private Limited
  • Cassiopae Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  • Cavium Networks
  • C-DAC
  • CDAC Bangalore
  • CDAC Hydrabad
  • CDAC Mumbai
  • CDAC Noida
  • Centiro Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Centium Consulting
  • Cerium Systems Pvt Limited
  • CeX WeBuy Entertainment Pvt.Ltd.
  • CLAIRVOYANT India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Coditation Systems
  • ComScore technologies
  • Consul Neowatt Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  • Contera Engineering
  • Cookiejar Technologies Private Limited
  • CoreEL Technologies
  • Coriolis Technologies pvt.ltd
  • CredenTek
  • Cumulus Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  • Curatech Pvt. Ltd.
  • Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd
  • Cybernetics Software Pvt Ltd.
  • Darwish Cybertech India Private Limited
  • Datamatics Global Services Limited
  • DemandMatrix
  • Emtec Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  • Enovation Controls India Pvt Ltd.
  • Entercoms
  • Enzigma Software Pvt Ltd
  • EPAM
  • eSilicon Corporation
  • ESKO Graphics India Pvt. Ltd.
  • etouches event software pvt ltd
  • ETP International Pvt Ltd.,
  • Evolutionary Systems - EVOSYS
  • Exadatum
  • Exceptionaire Technologies
  • Extenprise eSolutions i Pvt. Ltd.
  • Exusia Inc.
  • Exxat Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Fast Track Software Services Pvt. Ltd
  • Fidelity
  • FIGmd, India
  • Finastra
  • First Insight Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • FlexTrade India Private Limited
  • Forgeahead Solutions
  • Gauri Ltd.
  • GDB Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • GDIZ
  • General Electric GE Oil and Gas
  • GEP Solutions
  • Gitai Softtech
  • GlimpseFive Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  • Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  • GS Lab
  • HCL Technologies Ltd.
  • HeapTrace Technology Pvt Ltd
  • Hindujatech
  • Honeywell Technology Solutions
  • Hoonar Tekwurks Consulting LLP
  • HSBC Software Development India Pvt Ltd
  • Hurix Systems Private Limited
  • Icreon Communications
  • ICU Medical India
  • Indian Energy Exchange Ltd
  • Indian Institute of Technology Bhilai
  • Infineon Technologies
  • Infintus Innovations Private Limited
  • Infor India
  • Infosys
  • InfoVision
  • Ingenuity
  • Innoplexus Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Intellect Design Arena Ltd.
  • Interviewair
  • Intouch Consumer Care Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Invimatic Solutions LLP
  • IP Access India Pvt Ltd.
  • iSayBuddy
  • ITC Infotech
  • Ivysys Technologies
  • Japfa Comfeed India Pvt Ltd
  • Jetsynthesys Pvt Ltd
  • John Deere India Pvt Ltd
  • Juniper Networks India Pvt Ltd.
  • Justdial Ltd
  • Knorex india private limited
  • KPIT
  • L&T
  • LifeLine Systech Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • light Information Technology
  • Logiquad Solutions
  • M3bi India Pvt Ltd
  • MadValley Labs
  • Magna Steyr India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Magnes Motors India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Manhattan Associates
  • Media Magic
  • Mediaocean
  • Medline Industries India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Memko
  • Metro Services
  • Micropoint Computers Private Limited
  • Miles Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • MInda AEC
  • Mindlance Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Mindstix Software Labs
  • Mitel
  • Mobicule Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
  • Mobis Technical Center of India
  • Monocept Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  • Moog Inc
  • Morningstar
  • Motifworks India Pvt. Ltd
  • NEC Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Neewee Analytics
  • Neilsoft Limited
  • Nihilent
  • Nirvana Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Nitor
  • Nokia
  • Nokia Networks
  • NSE Infotech Services Limited
  • NSEIT Limited
  • Nuance Communications
  • Open-Silicon Research Pvt Ltd.
  • Outsite Networks
  • Paragyte
  • Parkar Consulting & Labs
  • PDG Software India Pvt Ltd
  • Peak Pacific Group
  • PharmaACE Analytics Private Limited
  • Prescient
  • Product Dossier
  • Prorigo Software Pvt. Ltd.
  • Protegrity
  • ProtoTech Solutions
  • Qliktag Software Inc
  • QTC Digital Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Qualys
  • Quick Heal Technologies Limited
  • Rage Frameworks India Pvt. Ltd
  • Raja Software Labs
  • REAN Cloud
  • Reflexis Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Relfor Labs Pvt Ltd
  • Reliance Jio Infocomm
  • Renishaw Metrology Systems Ltd
  • Rrv global infotech Pvt LTD
  • Saama Technologies
  • Saba Software India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sagitech
  • Sapours Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Schlumberger
  • Sears Holdings
  • Servicestack
  • Shell
  • Shivrai Technologies
  • Siemens Industry SOftware I Pvt. Ltd.
  • Siemens Tech
  • Sigma OSS Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Site Fuel Inc.
  • Skillnet Solutions India Pvt.Ltd
  • Smartech Electronic Systems
  • SparUp Sports Technology
  • Spectross Digital Systems
  • Sphinx Solutions
  • Sungard Availability Services
  • SURGERi Technologies
  • Syncroute
  • Synerzip Softech India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Synopsys India Pvt.Ltd
  • Syntagi Healthcare Pvt Ltd.
  • Syntel
  • Taglr Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Tata Elxsi
  • Techdivinitydivinity india enter pvt.ltd
  • Teradata India Pvt Ltd
  • Thinkbridge Software Pvt. Ltd.
  • Tieto India Pvt Ltd
  • TorcAI Digital Media Private Limited
  • Transfast India PVT LTD
  • truechip Solutions
  • T-Systems
  • Tudip Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • V2Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Valeo India Private Limited
  • Varian Medical Systems
  • vConstruct Pvt Ltd
  • VerveTronics
  • Viavi Solutions India
  • Vidushi Infotech SSP
  • Visteon Technical and services
  • Volkswagen IT Services India
  • Vorbicon Technologies
  • Vyom Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  • WebDirekt India Pvt. Ltd
  • WeBuy Entertainment Pvt.Ltd.
  • Western Digital
  • Whirlpool LLP
  • Windmill Smart Solutions
  • Wipro
  • WisdmLabs
  • WittyPen Media Services Pvt Ltd
  • Wolters Kluver
  • Wurth IT India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Xcaliber
  • Xento
  • Yagna iQ India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Yash Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • yTrre
  • Zenovoir Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Zensoft Services Pvt. Ltd.