I am very lucky that I could do my PG-DAC course from KNOW-IT. I am very thankful for all the support I received from each and everybody from KNOW-IT during this course. They taught me how to be positive, how to bounce back, and much more. This is because of the entire KNOW-IT team (teaching staff, non-teaching staff, and TPO). I am very grateful to be part of such a great technical and personal grooming journey.

Ashish Kurambhatti - PG-DAC (Feb-2019)
(Placed in Cybage Software )

It was one of the best learning experiences I ever had. C-DAC provided me with the best placement opportunities and staff having expertise in their field. I found pre-placement activities to be highly effective as they cleared my ideas about the interview. During this whole journey, I have learned a lot. I am grateful to KNOW-IT for helping me in building my career.

Rutuja Misal - PG-DAC (Aug-2019)
(Placed in Volante Software )

Trainings provided at KNOW-IT are very good to improve skills. It teaches us a lot like how to utilize the timings wisely. CDAC Campus placement is very helpful to grab job opportunities.

Mayuri Sali - PG-DAC (Aug-2019)
(Placed in Volante Software )

The C-DAC ACTS PG training programme is a wholesome experience, itbreaks all mental barriers and just makes you tougher which heavily contributesto your career ahead.  The journey, guidance, and support of the faculty haveplayed a significant role in enhancing my knowledge and skillsets. Thediscipline and assistance provided by the placement department helped me getthrough the placement process. The placement process is an integral part of the diploma course and is verymuch structured and organized with appropriate infrastructure. I am grateful to be associated with KNOW-IT and being a part of the C-DAC ACTS family. I also would like to express my deepest appreciation for the efforts taken by all the members associated with KNOW-IT during challenging situations like COVID-19 pandemic and helping us students with the placement process. I thank all and wish you all a great future!

Prabodh Jadhav - PG-DAC (Aug-2019)
(Placed in Tieto India )

C-DAC PG training programs have helped me in being better in both technical knowledge as well as personality development. The training course made me much confident in technical aspects. I really appreciate the efforts being taken by the placement department as well as teaching and non-teaching staff of KNOW-IT.

Minal Kulkarni - PG-DAC (Aug-2019)
(Placed in Cybage Software )

The intensive training course that I have attended was indeed a very helpful one, I really could learn a lot of new technologies to a great extent. C-DAC PG training programs helped me to be better in each technology. My sincere appreciation & gratitude to the Placement Department and to all teaching and non-teaching staff of KNOW-IT for their efforts. I am very grateful to them for effectively and sincerely helping me during the course and placement phase.

Girija Mage - PG-DAC (Aug-2019)
(Placed in Dassault Systems )

The placement was a secondary thing for me. Throughout the course, I have focused on learning. Ultimately Placement Program was taken care of by the C-DAC ACTS team. For getting placed you need some Prerequisite like Technical skills, Aptitude, Personal Representation. KNOW-IT takes care of everything. Before starting your Placement C-DAC ACTS ensures that you have faced enough Mock exams on the above points, also PI and moreover trending HACKERRANK and METTL test. Then you are ready to face the Placement. You will get a real opportunity to be a part of the growing IT industry through C-DAC ACTS centralized Placements.

Prajakta Memane - PG-DAC (Aug-2019)
(Placed in CDAC)

C-DAC ACTS is a well known, reputed institute in India, which not only provides a Diploma Certificate in Advanced Computing but also opens a number of opportunities for the candidate. Trust me, whenever I mention CDAC as part of my academics, I get different respect and people treat with  different perspectives. Here are some of the things/feelings/opportunities you will have after completing CDAC at KNOW-IT, A chance to increase your social and professional network by knowing amazing people with different skills, knowledge, and from different parts of the country. An exciting 6 months of learning, fun, and enthusiasm. Consider it as college life for 6 months. You will not only learn technical stuff but will also get to learn soft skills like Presentation, Communication skills, Discipline, and Time management as CDAC training programs are such an intense course. You can choose your career path in CDAC, by analyzing yourself about the technology that excites you. You can then interview yourself for the same and can start working on it. Last but not least you will get to meet some brilliant faculties, some of whom are working as Senior Leads or Managers in big MNCs. CDAC is worth the investment and was one of the life-changing opportunity for me. Remember one thing you are investing in knowledge and 'KNOWLEDGE NEVER GOES WASTE'.

Vaibhav More - PG-DAC (Feb-2019)
(Placed in Simply Compete)

KNOW-IT is a great organization for doing your post-graduation diploma. Going through 4 years of engineering I was always doubtful of my practical skills in terms of implementation. The PG DBDA course really has boosted my skill and understanding. I think it is a great option to venture into expanding your knowledge stack.

Saurabh Ruikar - PG-DBDA (Feb-2019)
(Placed in Neal Analytics)

If I tell thank you very much KNOW-IT, really I am not justifying myself for what KNOW-IT had given to me. Parents gave birth & nurtured me, teachers have shown me the destination of my life but KNOW-IT holds my hand to reach my destination. When I entered KNOW-IT 6 months back, slightly I had lost the way of my life and I was NOTHING at that time, but now I am definitely SOMETHING and all credit must go to C-DAC PG training programs provided by KNOW-IT for it's rigorous & disciplined training and very friendly guiding teaching faculty.

Yogiraj Joshi - PG-DAC (Aug-2019)
(Placed in AXIS Bank)

I am glad to be a part of KNOW-IT. Learning new concepts every day and assignments in the lab, provided me with ample opportunities to be placed in the industry. Regular classes held at the institute to enhance our aptitude and technical skills were of great help. Syllabus designed is totally industry oriented. Each faculty have in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of there domain. Teaching by the expert faculties helped me to score the best in my Final CDAC Examinations. Along with technical skills,we learned some qualities that groomed us by personality, which include good communication skills, punctuality, self-motivation, & effectively managing the time, will help me throughout my life. I sincerely thank all technical, non-technical and placement team members of KNOW-IT from the bottom of my heart,for guidance & support which has helped me to grow in my career.

Pradnya Raut - PG-DAC (Feb-2019)
(Placed in Cybage Software)

The advantage of doing CDAC at KNOW-IT is you get a chance to interact with faculties who are industry experts.

Ankit Chaudhari - PG-DBDA (Aug-2019)
(Placed in TCS)

KNOW-IT is the best center for learning every technology you need to know as a fresher. It provides one of the best teachers for every module. All placement related activities were very helpful.

Sadhana Patil - PG-DAC (Aug-2019)
(Placed in Juniper Networks)

Prabodh Jadhav
PG-DAC (August 2019 Batch)
Placed in Tieto (India)

Gauri Kulkarni
PG-DAC (Feb 2020 Batch)
Training in progress